Preserve holiday holiness

It’s that time of the year again, when little kids’ eyes sparkle as bright as the trees lit up with colorful lights and shiny ornaments.
Dec 9, 2013


It’s time to enjoy the holidays for what it is and not what a few think it should be.  

It’s Christmas, one of the holiest of seasons. We should embrace it as such.

For those being caught up in the political correctness of our society, we say, save it for another day. It’s a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree. Children sing Christmas carols at school Christmas programs, not holiday carols and holiday programs.  We indulge on Christmas cookies, not holiday cookies.  

You get the idea.

Nativity scenes help relive and capture the moment. Is that such a bad thing? We think not.

We certainly understand that there are those who have other religious beliefs that don’t celebrate Christmas and that’s OK. That shouldn’t mean, however, that those who do observe it should have to also refrain from celebrating.

Let’s enjoy the Christmas season as it was intended, and respect those around us – regardless of our beliefs.

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People do realize that 'Holiday' comes from the old English word hāligdæg which literally means Holy Day... Right?

Either term is just fine in my book.

Like I said in the comments section of the Nativity story a couple pages back, I am not religious, and yet I don't Poo-Poo all over others beliefs.

These people that actually go out and try to pick fights over the legality of the nativity scene, or the word 'Christmas' disgust me (and then they want to replace Christmas with Holiday, which is essentially the same thing)!

Can't we all live and let live without intruding on others personal beliefs?


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Discount Daaa-ble Check!


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People do realize that christmas is really about the winter solstice right? The sun is born to us.... It's where we get the light of christos! krishna! Amun-Ra! Let the festivities begin...

deuce liti

It's a pagan roman holiday that was "Christianized" when catholics teamed up with the romans, hence: roman catholic church. An archbishop then declared december 25 Jesus' birthday which also happens to be the Roman's Saturnalia.

So it doesn't matter what you call it.

Boo hoo, I'm stating the truth. I'm sure some people will cry just like the children they lied to. Meanwhile kids learn they benefit from lying.

It's a biblical precedent that God does care if you participate in pagan celebrations.

But who cares.


Liberals are up so late,
Let's educate...The Festival of Fools

deuce liti

Yeah I think it's hilarious that people are all, "I don't have an opinion about anything" when even the tribune is saying it's time to have an opinion.

People are afraid to state their beliefs or have an opinion for fear of offending someone.

And if you do state your opinion or beliefs, you're being "preachy." That's a borderline offensive way of saying, "I don't want to hear your opinion or beliefs because they differ from mine."

Moreover they say they are tolerant of other religions or beliefs, but don't want to hear those people express themselves.

They are the truly ignorant and hypocritical, for they say one thing while speaking something else out of the corner of their mouth.

This whole, "everyone can do whatever they want as long as they don't hurt or offend anyone else and all paths lead to God" jargon is so weak. It doesn't cut it with God either.

Thread killer.


Boy seems like a lot of thought going into a subject of make believe


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