Is proposed tax cut a re-election scheme?

There’s an odor permeating out of our State Capitol and it’s beginning to smell like a major tax cut.
Jan 28, 2014

It must be an election year.

How stupid do our elected officials in Lansing think we are?

It’s almost like clockwork. Election Day is over and our legislators hike taxes or pass something else very controversial with voters. You can almost hear them chuckling amongst each other and saying something like: “Hey, the voters will forgot about this by the next election.”

And in case voters don’t forgot, they will often pass some sweet-smelling legislation like a tax cut closer to the next Election Day to help them get re-elected.

They apparently learned this from their big brothers and sisters in our nation’s Capitol where most of them start working on being re-elected the day after Election Day. That’s why not much good ever gets done.

This D.C. way of operating has trickled down to our state capitols.

Michigan is expecting to have a budget surplus nearing $1 billion, due largely to increased taxes last year.

Gov. Rick Snyder in his recent State of the State message called for $65 million of the surplus to be spent on the Great Start preschool program. This might be a grand idea, but $65 million is a drop in a bucket when you are talking about almost a $1 billion surplus.

The big emphasis coming out of Lansing is some sort of major tax cut.

One wonders how sweet all this tax-cutting talk smells to our state’s schools, which have seen their funding chopped, or to motorists whose teeth have often chattered while driving over pothole-filled roadways throughout the state.

And then there’s the condition of a lot of our bridges. One only needs look to Minnesota to see what happens when bridges wear out.

We believe most Michigan residents would forego a tax cut if the surplus was spent wisely.

As expected, Snyder saved many budget-related specifics for his budget proposal, which is two weeks away.

Come on, legislators in Washington and Lansing, start working for the good of the nation and the state instead of just working to be re-elected.

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Just remember it's not their money their taking from you it's YOURS. How about a simple idea like cut a check back to it's rightful owner OR reduce everyone's income tax by that same percentage. Why is their first thought always how to spend it. That's called theft ! Speak for yourself when you say "We believe most Michigan residents would forego a tax cut if the surplus was spent wisely" Wisely and surplus in same sentence..OMG..haha !!

Truth Be Told

Any one who pays their own bills and has already filed their 2013 taxes knows that federal taxes have increased by 40-60%.
The redistribution of wealth continues


Would you please substantiate your claim that federal taxes have gone up 40-60%? As of 2013, federal taxes on middle-income Americans are near historic lows for federal income and total federal taxes..

And by redistribution of wealth, I assume you mean the CEO salary ratio to worker ratio. In the 70's and 80's, the ratio was 20 to 1. In 2012, it was 350 to 1.


truth be told, this is the REPUBLICAN way to distribute wealth. You are so ignorant, let me help educate you. Take off the blinders and turn off Fox News.
Corporate welfare...
1.income deferral on foreign investments = 212.8 Billion revenue loss
2. accelerated depreciation of equipment = 109.4 Billion revenue loss
3. exclusion of interest on public bonds = 73.1 Billion revenue loss
and the list is very long. Do you get these tax breaks? NO you don't, so the corporations (now deemed 'people' by SCOTUS) have exceedingly more wealth than you do.
They slipped a few more in on us while we were watching the football games on New Years Day too. Seems those lobbying dollars really pay off for these 'people'...
But then, as you say, the redistribution of wealth continues!

Tri-cities realist

Who signed the legislation? And who controls the Senate? Can't blame it all on the republicans.


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LOL! This folks is the definition for an online "Hissy Fit"©

No ammo? Just throw rocks!


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well, truth be told (see what I did there? :-) He's not the one I had to get the cops involved with, so he's small potatoes compared to the real wackos.....

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Seriously?? Cops?? This is most unfortunate, if I'm reading you right.

Just keep telling yourself - leaning (Big Edit: 'learning') things over and over and over will keep me young and young and young......


your intellegence overwhelms me. I stand up to bully's while you encourage it. Have you seen the comments coming out of this guiys hole? yep...i used it again...can't tell one hole from the other...they both a crap coming out of them


My intelligence, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with it. I don't encourage bully's, although I admit I derive a great deal of amusement in calling them out, after a lifetime of mostly keeping my mouth shut (as a woman, society expects this). What I do encourage and enjoy is honest give and take between people who have some modicum of respect for each other, even if their opinions are opposite; who actually use a smattering of facts throughout their opinions instead of 24/7 myths, gossip, and senseless, stupid zingers. Although, come to think of it, I occasionally enjoy using senseless, stupid zingers, so scratch that last part.


at least you copyrighted that one LTA! lol.
And although the truthhurts, I just have got nothing for that crackhead's comments, other than, yeah, it's all MY fault. Wouldn't want to be a bully!!?? got a link?


;-D I wasn't sure there at first if it was you or I who was being the bully. I didn't want to go getting a big head for no reason.


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Real estate maven

Change you can count on.


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Real estate maven

Change you can count on.

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