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We get it. Our world has plunged head-first into the Digital Age, a time when information is accessible via your laptop, tablet or cellphone in an instant.
Feb 20, 2014


At the Grand Haven Tribune, we're striving to embrace this new era, and make our online product your No. 1 source for digital news.

That doesn't mean we're letting our print product fall into obscurity. Just the opposite, in fact.

We're taking steps to make it better than ever through an extensive redesign project that is in its infancy, but will pick up steam and come to fruition as 2014 progresses.

Our mission: to make the print edition of the Grand Haven Tribune feel connected, vibrant and relevant in a 24/7 world.

One of our first steps on this long journey is to seek input from our readers through surveys that have been running regularly in our pages during the past two weeks. We urge you to fill out the survey and return it to us.

We want to know what our readers love about us, what they hate about us, what they want more of, and how we can better serve them.

As we collect that information, we're taking an all-encompassing look at our newspaper, and at hundreds of other newspapers around the country, in an attempt to present an exceptionally reader-friendly and visually pleasing daily newspaper.

You won't see many changes in the short term. Our goal is to unveil our new look sometime this coming fall.

The Tribune was named Michigan Press Association's Newspaper of the Year a few months back. It's a huge honor, and shows that we're doing something right. But we've also taken it as a challenge.

Rather than sit back and enjoy our accolades, we're taking steps to make your community newspaper better than ever, and our coming redesign is one major step as we continue along that path.

So, turn to Page 3 of Thursday's Tribune print or e-edition, and get your survey filled out and mailed to us. To have a chance to win $200 (odds at this point are 1 in 35), get those surveys to us by March 1.

This column reflects the opinion of members of the Grand Haven Tribune's redesign team: Matt DeYoung, Jordan Haenlein, Krystle Wagner and Cheryl Welch. Contact:




What I would appreciate is if I could actually see your classifieds section online without having to pay for it. People would be more willing to run an advertisement in the paper if they were available to view online by anyone.
Other papers refuse to post them because they want their readers to purchase a physical paper. Sometimes we do not have time to go to the store to purchase a physical paper. This can become annoying. Search engines like often do not show the jobs right in the local area and the search results come up 50 miles or more away for jobs. This is inconvenient with the price of gasoline. It is inconsistent with our local area and it takes up more time to look through the advertisements.

Thank you for your consideration,
Nicole Spence


not that this pertains to the tribune at all...but these five billionaires pretty much rule what everyone hears and reads anyway. And they hate you ordinary 'mericans!


Everyone should read this. We're doomed.


Wow, a check for $200.00, how funny is that, makes me realize how much I don't have as $200.00 would be absolutely no help at all. That's just an afternoons Glenfiddich (The World's most awarded single malt scotch whisky) bill at the local watering hole. Why not make it $2,000.00 and it might get interesting and you would get serious results; this, like everything else in your rag is a joke.


Wow, you should go back to bed and try getting up on the other side..... :-P


To get out on the other side I would have to climb over my wife, and then I probably wouldn't get out of bed at all; another story, another time.


well, at least then you'd be in a better mood, at least if you did things right you would be.. :-O

Barry Soetoro

That sounds like a fun afternoon. We need to start hanging out. I can stretch the money by simply throwing back glass after glass of Ten High or Old Grand Dad instead of that high dollar stuff. I'd like to invite Lani - "allegedly", she'll only drink the House Swill.

Former Grandhavenite

The fact that the Trib is still in business in this tough era for newspapers is really a tribute to the hard work of the folks putting it together, as well as the demand for "hyper local" content. It's probably not the best paper for getting an idea of the current situation in Ukraine, but The New York Times also isn't the place to find out what happened at the latest Spring Lake Township board meeting. It's impressive that they've been able to stick to the 50 cent price point for all these years as well.

I'll always have a soft spot for it because delivering the Trib was one of my first jobs and also my introduction to news/politics. I had to at least check out the front page as I was rubber banding the papers, but I quickly started reading most of the paper and before long I was buying other papers and news magazines. I wonder how different my path through life would have been if not for that job. Would I still think news was boring the way I did as a young kid?

No longer living in the area I'm reliant on the online edition. I'd like to see a better comment system and some form of an index or table of contents instead of just a sequential presentation of stories. I stand by my suggestion of having a human approve the first post from any newly created account to keep the spammers out.


Why not post a link for the survey here for those of us who do not have time to run to the store and buy a paper to look for a survey. I would sure think if you wanted an opinion on making your online product better you would think to make your survey online. Just sayin'


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