Anonymous group has a great mission

They arrived on the corner of Jackson Street and U.S. 31 one, two at a time.
Feb 28, 2014


Their masks — white with contrasting black facial features — made them stand out as motorists sped by.

They are Anonymous.

They are a small representation — about a dozen strong — of a large worldwide movement.

The Anonymous movement is all about protecting freedoms, civil liberties, and fighting back against the surveillance and tyranny of governments.

In this case, on Feb. 11, our Tri-Cities Anonymous participants protested against the National Security Agency’s mass cellphone surveillance upon its own people.

The NSA surveillance, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg of the freedoms and liberties that have been stripped away from citizens under a cunningly named Patriot Act. It’s tough to stand against an act that conjures the image of patriots fighting for our country’s freedoms.

But the Patriot Act itself is anything but patriotic, and our civil liberties and freedoms have slowly — or quickly, in some cases — disintegrated ever since it was enacted in the name of protecting our populace.

Anonymous gets it. And Anonymous — no matter how small its numbers are here in West Michigan — is at least doing something about it.

We commend those who stand up for their beliefs, whatever they may be, and urge all citizens to do their part by writing or calling legislators. Let our representatives know what you think about the NSA surveillance, or other lost freedoms.

One Anonymous member stated their mission succinctly with “Freedom forever!” That’s not at all a bad thing to which we all need to strive, and sometimes the biggest movements start small.

We wish you well, Anonymous.

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Bush 43 is a progressive get over it and support the T.E.A. party, we will stand with you to vote out all progressive big government power hogs no matter what letter they put next to their name.


"We wish you well, Anonymous".

As do I.

I trust the members of Anonymous have all read Henry David Thoreau's Treatise on Civil Disobedience? If not, you should.

Walden is a pretty good read also.....



Maybe the editorial board should describe in greater detail the philosophy, goals, and tactics of this group whose "Mission" they describe as "great." Maybe start with a definition of anarchy and how well that has served the general populace world wide. You could move on to their support of the Occupy Movement (and you might want to interview some law enforcement officers who have had to deal with the anarchists and occupy group - and remember all of the crimes, especially rapes, that occurred in their encampments. Next you might look into their embracing the destruction of public and private property to achieve their amorphous goals. And you might end up with explaining how hacking into the websites of our military and the Department of Health and Human Services is likely to benefit citizens and the United States. Thoreau they ain't.

In my view you have been conned by a few non-threatening local Anonymous members without doing any simple research into the group's activities worldwide.

Of course they support Bradley er Ashley Manning, who broke his military oath, stole secrets, and published them through Wikileaks. You might start some of your research here:


Thumbs up to Anonymous! Good for you!


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