Supports Rep. Price

To the Editor: State Rep. Amanda Price deserves your vote for re-election in the August 5 primary.
Jul 23, 2014


Rep. Price has a solid record of standing for life. While in office, she supported legislation to ban tax-payer funded abortions which otherwise would have been provided under the ObamaCare health exchange, and sponsored a bill to protect women from being coerced to abort. 

In response to an expose' of dangerous practices within the unregulated abortion industry, she voted to require regulatory oversight to address widespread sub-standard conditions and care.

Rep. Price is endorsed by the Right to Life of MI - PAC.  We need her strong and effective prolife leadership in the Michigan legislature.

Lisa Peters
Tri-Cities Right to Life



This Letter to the Editor contains some confusing statements. Not only does the federal Hyde Amendment forbid federal funding of abortion, but Obamacare also contains two additional provisions limiting abortion coverage. It permits each state to forbid health plans sold on the Obamacare exchange in their state from covering abortion entirely, and it requires states that do allow these plans to cover abortion to separate out federal funding to ensure that not one penny of it goes to fund abortion.

In addition, there is no evidence that any woman is forced or coerced by the government or any government entity or mandate to abort a fetus. Ms Peters - It would be helpful if you provided a link or some substantiation regarding your claim of "dangerous practices within the unregulated abortion industry". Specifically, what "dangerous practices" are you referring to, how are they dangerous, and why you believe that the medical act of abortion is unregulated.


Will most likely vote for Price. I didn't like her at first because she would only represent big business and only big business according to former candidate Mike Hewitt. But her opponents platform is she voted for minimum wage increase, voted for Obamacare, Common core, and funding Detroit pension issue. Voting for the minimum wage that tells me well maybe she's not for just the rich. Obama care - I have met people on it and they way its working for them. There is a group of people who are majorly oppressed right now working in those temp services. Now a local manufacturer wants them to work 72 hours a week and is crying for skilled trades help. While the CEO and his team is out on boats enjoying the beech. Price does seem to want to help oppressed working class people. But her opponent seems to lack that compassion. If the sales are there weekly minimum wage increase isn't going to matter. When sales are $15,000 per week at a sandwich franchise or the like I don't see how minimum wage increase is going to bankrupt them when CEO and team are making millions - royalty payments are huge and do eat up profits, thats not a minimum wage problem, but they love to blame it. Her opponent says minimum wage increase by Price's vote will bankrupt businesses in Grand Haven. Maybe they will have to go from a 50' boat down to a 35' but bankruptcy? um! too many boats, too many bosses leaving early during summer months. So far still will vote for Price. Her opponent seems to scare me a little and I can see running again when her term is up. And to those 7 candidates who ran in 2010 - please run again! so we have a good choices to choose from.


I'm really struggling to decide who to vote for.


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