Teachers support bond issue

To the Editor: Dear community members of Spring Lake Public Schools: We're writing this letter to express our full support and also urge you to support the Bond 2013 proposal for Spring Lake Public Schools.
Oct 16, 2013

Having attended Spring Lake, we can honestly say we received one of the finest educations possible. However, now as teachers ourselves, we know how much education has changed over the last 20 years and the new demands that face educators on a daily basis. 

Although Spring Lake still offers a first rate education with outstanding students, staff and community members, there are things that need to be improved and upgraded in order to continue with that excellence; things such as the buildings themselves, technology, sports fields, and bussing.

As teachers, we believe the idea of an elementary campus, such as the one being proposed, would be ideal. It lends itself to so much more collaboration between teachers for the good of the students, not to mention the fact that the buildings that are currently being used aren't much different than they were when we attended them over 30 years ago. 

Will the students continue to get a top rate education if the bond doesn't go through? Absolutely. However, the passage of the bond would open many more opportunities and advantages and save money in the long run.

We also support the building of a new sports complex at the current high school. We, as well as many other people, have strong ties to the current fields and great memories associated with them, but understand that there are updates that need to be done and it's not fiscally responsible to do those updates at the current location. It is a great honor that the fields will retain their current names and carry on the memory of many great coaches from Spring Lake.

Why now? We're sure this is a question many people will be asking. The answer is really quite simple, because of the School Bond Loan Fund which allows many of these upgrades and changes to be done at a very minimal cost to most families. The key is this is a limited fund and if we want to take advantage of it, the time is now!

We urge you to look into the bond and make an informed decision that will best support the future of our most precious commodity, our children. We were lucky enough to have lived in Spring Lake and to feel the love and family like support during a very difficult time in our lives, when our dad passed away. We can truly say we would not be the people we are today without all of the love and support from the schools and the community. 

Spring Lake was and always will be our "home." Our dad use to always say, "Never do anything to jeopardize your future as a Laker." We're hoping the community sees the need for the items in the bond proposal and vote to support it and the future of many Laker generations to come.

Brian Grabinski, Angie Hondorp, Jan Lawrence

Spring Lake



They do not speak for all the teachers in the Spring Lake School system. There are teachers in the district that do not support the bond. Just like there are teachers that choose not to talk about the bond at parent/teacher conference. When our jobs at threatened. And told at meeting after meeting that we are replaceable if we don't support it. I ask that you do your own research on the bond and educate yourself on it. As teachers we are told what to say. The YES campaign has a list of people that they think are voting NO. They are going after those people hard to make them a yes. Your vote is your vote. You are not a close minded, Ill informed and uneducated person if you vote no. You can still support our schools if you vote No.


Most people don't have time or ambition to do some research into various school board policies. To sum it up. If the superintendent gives an order to a teacher(s) they have to follow it. There are policies that prohibit all staff members from talking to the media without first clearing with the public relations officer or superintendent. So if the superintendent wants an employee to support his initiative - the employee better not speak out against it. Or that becomes insubordination and then they are introduced to the discipline processes and even "blacklisted" Reading policies is dry and boring to most people. But its interesting what is written down. AG Opinion 5879 gives the superintendent the authority to change grades without a teachers consent. There are many more. Teacher/parapros, janitors cannot oppose administration period - or find another job. I will still vote NO because I know what will happen once the schools get those extra monies.


Interesting. I have been at these staff meetings and no way have there been threats to teachers/staff if they support or don't support the bond. I'm wondering where this information is coming from?


Which staff meeting have you been to? I have attended a lot and received email from Dennis Furton telling us what to say, that if we dont go along with the bond then there is the door. Im shocked that you dont have the same emails. They were sent to ALL the SPRING LAKE SCHOOL STAFF. And if you are a teacher in the Spring Lake School system then you have them too. If you are a teacher and support the bond there is less "pressure" on you. But if you don't, well we all know what Dennis Furton has said.


The elementary teachers at one of the schools were for separate elementary schools. I was told this prior to the whole bond proposal coming out. That was there wish list. Of course they are going to support any bond proposal that comes out but unfortunately the Super Elementary was not their first choice.


FYI these three do not teach for SL...

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