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To the Editor, On November 5, the voters of Spring Lake will have the opportunity to vote on the Spring Lake Public Schools bond proposal.
Oct 21, 2013


As a community, we all take pride in the fact that Spring Lake schools are among the best in Michigan and appreciate the excellent work of the teachers and administrative staff. But this doesn’t mean we can ignore 60-year-old buildings that are expensive to maintain and have outlived their useful lives, athletic facilities that have fallen far behind their peers in terms of quality and safety, or a technology infrastructure that is outdated. 

As a taxpayer I am certainly skeptical of new taxes. However, by taking advantage of a State program that will soon expire, a minimal tax increase today will prevent the need for a much larger increase a few years from now, as equipment and buildings continue to fail. I also recognize that a vibrant, successful school system only increases the value of my home. 

Before November 5, I hope that voters will take the time to visit the Spring Lake Public Schools website or attend public meetings, consider the facts, and make an informed decision before heading to the polls. I know that I will be voting “Yes” to invest in the future of Spring Lake Public Schools and I hope they will as well.

Chris Beck
Spring Lake



I agree - come to the public meetings. They don't address your questions until a few days later in the newspaper that is endorsing the vote. (ie - turf injuries vs. grass - DEQ vs Realtor and Engineers, Leasing Buses vs Buying) Questions asked at the meeting, but NO answer at the meeting. Questions answer later later in the paper or next meeting after some thought. You DO NEED to check into information regarding updating our schools w/o the big bond....check out how a Muskegon school updated their old elementary schools and middle school w/o asking for the taxpayers to approve a new bond. (information presented at the Board Meeting). They added on to their existing loan....which can be done if you check out State program mentioned above. I am NOT against making SL Schools Better, BUT... it can be done without all the added wishes.


Unfortunately, the last meeting had a few very "prominent" voices against the Bond and the speaker was not able to get all the facts or questions during the time allotted. Everyone should do their own investigation and get properly informed without opinions from either side [for or against] and base their decision on what they feel is best for the kids and the community.
As for turf injuries vs grass, it is a debatable subject amongst other debatable topics -
but you can't disregard the fact that the schools were built when Spring Lake's population was considerably smaller. We have outgrown the current buildings. I know because my daughter's class is in a portable. Safety and Education are tops on the list for me. Portable's are not suitable environments, nor are they very safe.
Obviously, I am for the Bond and the minimal sacrifice I have to make is well worth the investment.


GSRP and The Autistic program are the only 2 class that are held in the portables. If you read the article in the paper yesterday about the kid that shot his teacher them himself. He took the gun to school. How is the school going to stop that from happening? Education? Do you think that a bigger school is going to help your daughter learn better? Minimal sacrifice? This is a 30 year bond. Chance are your daughter is going to be paying for it. Ask a teacher what they think about the bond. Ask your daughter teacher if she was bullied into voting for the bond. Ask her teacher if her job was threatened. Im very sorry your child is in the portables. We must not have been at the same meeting. Because everything that I heard and say was people speaking out against the bond. That Dennis Furton didnt really get a chance to speak. In fact a board member and a member of the Finance Team for the Yes campaign, were bullying people are the meeting. Calling them ill-formed, uneducated and closed minded for speaking out against. Last time I check, Spring Lake schools was against bullying. And there was 2 grown men doing it to other people at the meeting.


If the bond was just about two 60 year old buildings the proposal would pass with flying colors. It is all the extras that those against the bond are struggling to approve.


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