3:00 PM Apr 3, 2015
We have a group in Indiana who think following the law puts them in conflict with their religious beliefs. They are sure that God doesn’t want their businesses serving gays and lesbians.
2:00 PM Apr 3, 2015
Who could blame the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club if they sometimes felt like giving up the fight?
3:03 PM Apr 2, 2015
Could your next beer refill come from the self-serve line? That’s one idea the Michigan Liquor Control Commission is considering.
1:04 PM Apr 2, 2015
Last Friday evening, just before dark, my wife Amy and I were sitting in the kitchen discussing our day. I'd just popped the top on my second beer when the lights flickered once, twice — then went out completely.
2:56 PM Apr 1, 2015
Because of recent outrageous incidents in the Greek system at the University of Michigan, Penn State University and Oklahoma University, to name just three schools, the entire Greek system is under a microscope.
5:00 PM Mar 31, 2015
One of the first posts in the new blog from the Grand Haven Area Convention & Visitors Bureau lists the "Top four places to travel by board."
2:03 PM Mar 31, 2015
It’s good that we have conversations about race relations and inclusion in our community, but at some point it needs to move past the talking stage and apply some real solutions.
5:00 PM Mar 30, 2015
What do you think the future holds for the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club? Here's what you told us:
3:30 PM Mar 30, 2015
Michigan legislators recently voted to repeal Public Act 186 of 1959, which prohibited a person under the age of 18 from using or possessing a handgun designed for propelling BBs unless accompanied by an adult — essentially a BB gun.
9:00 AM Mar 30, 2015
Thumbs down to microbeads making their way into the Great Lakes waterways.
10:00 AM Mar 29, 2015
When we speak of “need,” we sometimes think of people in need.
3:01 PM Mar 27, 2015
In our daily lives, technology plays an ever-increasingly vital role. At the Tri-Cities Historical Museum, we are aware of this, and have been taking steps on a number of fronts to stay on top of the advancements being made.
4:10 PM Mar 26, 2015
I heard an arresting story on the radio the other day, about a man named Johnny Reynolds, who knew something was wrong with his body, that he was sick.
3:01 PM Mar 25, 2015
Who can we trust these days? That list is rapidly shrinking.
2:03 PM Mar 25, 2015
When one of the founding members of a successful organization decides to step aside as a volunteer, one might think that person will be difficult to replace.
5:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
If you had to choose between being brilliant or kind, which one would you rather be? Saying "both" is not an option.
3:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
“Driving while black.” I was laughing so hard watching “Blackish,” a new ABC-TV sitcom.