5:30 PM Sep 8, 2015
Should Michigan’s public schools be allowed to start before the Labor Day weekend?
3:30 PM Sep 8, 2015
To the Editor: This ill-conceived project should never have been started and is causing excessive turmoil within the Village (of Spring Lake). The following is an example:
1:15 PM Sep 8, 2015
To the Editor: I’d like to clarify a few misconceptions regarding the Fruitport Road driveway issue in Spring Lake.
4:01 PM Sep 4, 2015
Homeland Security paid for a $22 million riverfront facility that was supposed to draw cruise ships to Detroit, but hasn't.
3:03 PM Sep 4, 2015
With more than 20 presidential candidates, voters have much to learn before they vote, but asking whether they would have gone to war with Iraq — knowing what we know now — is a poor question.
2:45 PM Sep 3, 2015
I have a confession to make — a confession that fills me with shame and remorse.
1:55 PM Sep 3, 2015
No matter what side you are on regarding abortion, we would find it difficult not to be in favor of making it unlawful to force a pregnant woman to get one against her will.
3:06 PM Sep 2, 2015
Several times in the last year alone, the Petoskey News-Review's editorial board has reminded, urged and pleaded — shoot, we've practically begged — area residents to get engaged in their local units of government.
5:01 PM Sep 1, 2015
At the end of the day, the community outreach educator for the John Ball Zoo says people — most often children — who have long feared snakes feel comfortable enough to touch them at the end of her talks.
3:58 PM Sep 1, 2015
It seems everything in Washington, D.C., can generate controversy these days — even the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
5:10 PM Aug 31, 2015
Do you pay attention to the flag warning system for Lake Michigan’s beaches? Here's what you told us:
1:00 PM Aug 31, 2015
There is plenty of blame to go around in the latest collapse of negotiations in Lansing on a road funding deal, but a large piece of it falls on an unexpected party: Gov. Rick Snyder.
11:02 AM Aug 31, 2015
To the Editor: A large thank you to Dorothy Wallish on her letter to the editor (“Your Views,” Aug. 17) on the closing of Kandu Inc., which helps train disabled people to learn skills and job training.
3:00 PM Aug 28, 2015
Throughout history, religion has played a significant role in shaping society and culture. When looking at a culture through the eyes of an archeologist, many times what we are left with are expressions of faith as interpreted by ecclesiastical architecture.
12:57 PM Aug 28, 2015
Legislation proposing Michigan compensate people who have been wrongly convicted contains a serious and, we hope, fatal flaw.
3:53 PM Aug 27, 2015
What makes a downtown unique? Is it the well-manicured flower boxes and streetscape? The smell of food cooking at local eateries? Is it the friendly people walking the sidewalks?
3:01 PM Aug 27, 2015
Every year, thousands of young and enthusiastic teachers all over the country start their first day of work. Within the following five years, at least 17 percent of them will leave the profession.