4:02 PM Jun 11, 2015
After the Federal Communications Commission took one step forward, it has now taken a disappointing step back.
1:57 PM Jun 11, 2015
The king and queen of the Netherlands came for a visit to West Michigan recently. As the son of a Dutch immigrant, but a man who considers himself fully American, this was an event that struck me as both interesting and odd.
3:00 PM Jun 10, 2015
When Bill Haynes of Ferrysburg returned home after his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1971, there wasn’t a marching band to greet him nor were there any citizens lined up waving American flags.
5:00 PM Jun 9, 2015
A new blog offers advice specifically for men, and the latest post helps guide them through the grocery store aisles.
3:00 PM Jun 9, 2015
This June has brought up a memory for me. It is a June 60 years ago (1955) when I was a young U.S. Army private being transferred from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland down to Fort Bragg, N.C., and the town of Fayetteville — from the north to the south.
5:59 PM Jun 8, 2015
What device do you use to access the Internet?
2:57 PM Jun 5, 2015
The tragedy in Crockery Township last week, in which a man working in his yard was electrocuted, should serve as a reminder to all of us that power lines can be deadly.
1:53 PM Jun 5, 2015
The Catholic Church with its new pope is entering the 21st century, not only making up for lost time, but leading in important ways.
2:00 PM Jun 4, 2015
A few weeks ago, my daughter, Evien, packed a duffel bag with shorts, T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, several pairs of socks, a rain coat, mittens, parka, roll of toilet paper, plenty of Kleenex, roll of duct tape, flashlight, Band-Aids and a Snickers bar.
2:40 PM Jun 3, 2015
Earlier this month, in Garland, Texas, an activist named Pamela Gellar sponsored an event called “Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest.”
5:00 PM Jun 2, 2015
The Lakeshore Dining Divas recently headed south to Fennville for a taste of the "farm to table" cuisine of the Salt of the Earth restaurant.
3:04 PM Jun 2, 2015
An Australian couple recently spent $39,000 on a birthday party for their 3-year-old. Mickey and Minnie Mouse greeted 220 guests, who dined on exotic fare such as oysters and pork belly.
5:57 PM Jun 1, 2015
If you were able to go back in time and graduate from high school again, would you do anything different?
4:00 PM Jun 1, 2015
In headline after headline, public employees and elected officials convicted of stealing public funds here and across the state get sentences completely out of proportion to the seriousness of their crimes.
2:02 PM Jun 1, 2015
To the Editor: On April 16, citizens, businesses, schools and government agencies across the state conducted a voluntary statewide tornado drill during Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week.
1:01 PM May 28, 2015
I haven’t had a bathing suit in about two years. I had this one that I loved so much that it disappeared — and then I had my mom suit, the skirted thing with the pressure panels in all the right places. I threw that one away and I never bought another.
3:00 PM May 27, 2015
Do you have any “black sheep” in your family tree?