2:00 PM Jul 13, 2015
If there is one thing Grand Haven is known for, it is the love for the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard.
1:00 PM Jul 12, 2015
The first brick of the Christian ghetto was laid on Friday, June 26, with the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage. The court’s action by a 5-4 decision has far greater implications than constitutionally permitting same-sex couples to marry.
2:00 PM Jul 10, 2015
Dogs have become a hot topic around the Tri-Cities the last few weeks.
12:00 PM Jul 10, 2015
Technology and education have had a long and sometimes bumpy romance. It has been seen as both the savior and destroyer of education.
2:00 PM Jul 9, 2015
A few weeks ago I had some time to myself, and I decided to head to the Lake Street Beach on Spring Lake to sit with an iced tea, look at the lake, and read a book.
11:00 AM Jul 9, 2015
To the Editor: After reading many of the letters in support of the cross on Dewey Hill it appears to me that some of the writers could benefit from a class in American history.
3:00 PM Jul 8, 2015
As some of you may know, I love history. I also love a good story. And I have found out that some of the best stories involve history and history makers.
2:00 PM Jul 8, 2015
The introduction of smartphones and apps has led to the evolution of another industry: transportation.
5:00 PM Jul 7, 2015
The Lakeshore Dining Divas recently headed to Righteous Cuisine on Seventh Street in Grand Haven to have a taste of some local "Mexicue" flavor.
2:00 PM Jul 7, 2015
The “sincere religious beliefs” objections to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states are getting some traction, particularly in Texas, Alabama and Louisiana.
12:00 PM Jul 7, 2015
My Hemingway obsession began in high school when my English class was assigned his short story, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” and flourished in a college literature survey class, where I read “The Sun Also Rises” and learned about the Hemingway Hero and the Hemingway Code.
3:34 PM Jul 6, 2015
A tragic shooting in Charleston, S.C., revived a long-time debate among Americans.
2:01 PM Jul 3, 2015
What makes us take one side of a moral argument over another? Some would say their choices are based on reason and objectivity.
1:03 PM Jul 3, 2015
It seems that the law enforcement profession has been in the news lately for all of the wrong reasons.
3:00 PM Jul 2, 2015
This summer, my daughter, Evien, and I decided to ride bikes together. This has been such a unique bonding experience for both of us that I asked her to help with my column this month.
2:02 PM Jul 2, 2015
Put your money where your mouth is. That well-known saying urges people to not just talk about getting something done, but actually your energy — and your money — into solving a problem.
3:00 PM Jul 1, 2015
One of my professors in graduate school, Martin Marty, once said in class that the biblical doctrine of sin is the most empirically proven of all religious doctrines — "just look at all the evil in our world."