Do you have health insurance?



I have come to expect very little from the Tribune. You do print what you believe are facts? Correct? Why not factually have a vote for the Affordable Care Act and not Obamacare. Even your own spell check flagged it.


Still paying for my own insurance (self-employed) and thanks to Obamacare, my health costs have gone up nearly 30% and cover about half of what they used to. Frustrating as heck, but what can you do.

Grand Haven Happy

So much you could have done and the Obama joke labled the UNaffordable Care Act never would have had a chance to be inacted if you and the others would have gotten behind it's defeat then. Now you must push twice as hard to repeal it and what are you waiting for as a 30% increase is chump change along with the further diminishing coverage you'll see this next year? Snooze and lose!


lol @ Republican'ts who came up with the idea in the first place, but when enacted by a Dem, they fall all over themselves to Right this wrong! roflmao at repeal, repeal, repeal, and don't give a crap about the people it helps or even about DOING ANYTHING IN CONGRESS. Republican'ts are the lowlife of the earth.


My don't you sound like an intelligent human being. I might be offended by your comment if you seemed capable of having a mature conversation and actually backing up your opinions with facts instead of calling an entire group of people "lowlife of the earth". . . let me guess, you're on welfare, have 8 kids with 8 different people, have never worked a day in your life. . . (see how it feels to group an entire group of people together and stereotype them based on a FEW people who might actually be that way?)


My don't you sound ignorant. Where have you been all my life? You have me pegged, a sponge for sure. You certainly fit the description to a fault. Look in the mirror, if the shoe fits sweetheart...

Grand Haven Happy


bigdeal is also likely getting food stamps and free medical and dental for all the kids and bigdeal also. Strange that bigseal can afford a computer but complains about medical care. OHH wait, the computer was also given to bigdeal and probably their heat and electric too. Guess who pays for all the lavish free stuff that's given free while someone else has to pay the bill? Democrats and liberals have ruined our once prosperous nation and stuffed it with leeches and illegals!


And isn't it wonderful you live in a country where you are free to spew a bunch of cropola that doesn't make sense, is totally inaccurate, and is based on an alarming degree of hate, prejudice, ignorance, and stereotypes for someone who proclaims himself to be "Happy".

On Social Security? Medicare? Ever collect unemployment? Served in the military? Been bailed out by the Coast Guard? Needed the services of a fire department or law enforcement? Had elderly parents who out-lived their money and needed to get a special heat subsidy? Ever been in an accident and became disabled?

Oh, and by the way, how about spending a little less time commenting and spending a little time reading up on US history. It was Republican Reagan who opened the amnesty floodgates, the Free Phone legislation, and Democrat Clinton who cracked down on welfare, reducing the roles significantly.


you are one sorry piece of no-work GHH


I have the VA the only thing bad about the VA medical is I get sick it can take up to 14 days to see him so if you people want to complain about your medical at least you can see your doctor within a day or two


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