How did personal fireworks being shot off this past holiday affect you?



The few on July problem. The ones on July FIFTH? Drove me nuts, scared my cat.


"relax and enjoy it"???, you sound like a republican senatorial candidate talking to women about rape. Fireworks should be banned when a population reaches a certain density. If you want to blast off fireworks all night for three straight nights your neighbors should be located quite a ways away. Most dogs are terrorized, with many running away from home in their fear. People who have to work the next morning? Sorry, you're not lucky enough to have a job with three days off for every holiday. My dog can cause serious damage to our house and to himelf if he's alone when my next-door neighbor decides he needs a loud explosive jolt to his day. Our legislature legalized inconsideration, hooliganism and turned many neighbors against each other. My quality of life has been reduced by this stupid law.


Legal fireworks aren't so bad but illegal bomb after bomb gets old after awhile.


In defense of fireworks I present my show..

Not everyone can attend a public event. Some special needs simply do not allow for it.
3rd practice and safety checks
4th show
5th leftovers for the most special kids.

Example: My son has Autism. He can not handle the public setting. So, my block and myself started a show for him while his father fought in Afghanistan. Now, three years later his father is back in his life and our show goes on, growing yearly. Most of my neighbors attend with few exceptions. The one vet who has PTSD has taken up seat and joins us. Being a part of it helps and gives him more of a since of community. The amount of special needs children attending grows yearly. I will respect the law should they change it but hope they don't. There summer stories are not filled with the things they couldn't do. But the bad ass thing they did. Now that's quality of life that needed it. I will tell them they and we are hooligans! They will love it!


Auddiebrook - With your simple and sweet story, you have offered a unique and different viewpoint on the extended fireworks law. I'm glad your son enjoys the special family/friends fireworks party....he is a lucky boy to have such a caring, understanding, FUN Mom.


From the comments here and the article today my show is going to run into some resistance by the town next year. All for a few bad apples who fire firecrackers late and and on non holidays. To relieve some peoples dogs stress. I'll post signs nice and early so people will have a chance to say something directly to our little community. Address there concerns and find a common ground when possible.

Mark Brooky

Ditto what Lanivan said. Thanks for sharing, auddiebrook!


Although I ride a motorcycle nearly every day I am annoyed not by the occasional firework this time of year but the daily flow of big bore motorcycles with little or no exhaust, if I had to choose I'd say treat bikes like cars and ticket loud pipes and leave the fireworks battle for another day.


Ticket loud boats too....the exhaust needs to be diverted to below the water line. The big power boats that have the exhaust above the water line should be forced to muffle the sound. Any motor vehicle with no muffler would be ticketed....why not boats with no mufflers or diversion pipes?
This is a real pet peeve of mine.


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