What would you like to see get accomplished in Washington in the next four years?


Mystic Michael

How about a comprehensive set of new anti-plutocracy measures intended to loosen the death grip of the 2% upon our government and our economy, and thereby benefit the other 98% of us - for a change? Examples: Restore the Glass-Steagall Act. Rebuild the SEC - with a real budget, a real staff...and enabling legislation with real teeth in it. Amend the Constitution to reverse the SCOTUS "Citizens United" ruling. Implement meaningful campaign finance reform - this time like we REALLY mean it! Stop the abuse of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. That's just for starters...

Mystic Michael

Forgot a couple:

- Implement serious reform of the Pentagon procurement process. End sweetheart, no-bid contracts & kickbacks to members of Congress, their staff, and senior military officers.

- Pass a new Voting Rights Act for the 21st Century. Outlaw all forms of voter suppression nationwide - in whatever forms they might rear their ugly little heads. Either reformulate the FEC to enforce demanding new federal standards for elections administration, complete with stringent enabling legislation, budget & staff - OR do away with the FEC, and create a brand new, much more professional & powerful agency that will administer elections on a strictly non-partisan basis, complete with numerous tamper-proof checks & balances.

Magic Mike

I like the Mars colonization idea.


41% nothing is even close but Obama jsut continues to spend, spend, spend. He's starting to make Geo "W" look good.

Mystic Michael

You and your people really, really, REALLY need to start getting your facts straight, Horst:



A REAL plan to fight Climate Change and Global Warming would be nice. Continuing to phase out old, dirty coal-fired power plants and becoming an industrialized nation that leads the world in renewable, clean energy would also be great. Unfortunately, we're not going to have the luxury of worrying about balancing the budget when we're fighting wars over fresh water and food resources.


I still think building the Death Star was a good idea. What a statement "Use The Force" would now mean.

DP Roberts

What Mystic Michael said.


It'd be nice if Washington decided that based on a current new low congressional approval rating of 14% (down from 15%), and perhaps sensing the public is catching on to the (mostly Republican) manipulative, intransigent, obstructive, hubristic, and backwards thinking and action, they decide to work to move their country forward instead of backwards, and for the people who pay their wages, not the 1% who give them bonuses.

And to replace the promotion of hate, fear, and paranoia with good will and deeds.


....And to replace the promotion of hate, fear, and paranoia with good will and deeds. Really!! So does that mean we are going to drop all the hyperbole surrounding the Connecticut tragedy, or the debt ceiling, or the just recent fiscal cliff? You noticed I don't point out which party as it takes two to tangle.

No work in Washington is going to get done until we the people shut done the support we give them. Washington is a disease for anyone that has been there for more than a few years.

A clean sweep of all the curmudgeons that reside there on both sides is what is needed to move the country forward.


My life-long persuasion, a moderate Republican, has been cleanly swept away, decimated actually, since about 2000. People like me want efficient, effective government that husbands public resources in a like manner. The banality and unproductive posturing in Washington by all, but especially the current reactionary GOP, has all but dashed hopes of "good will and deeds". But hope does spring eternal.


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