Should the Legislature raise taxes to fund road repairs across the state?


Mark Brooky

CLICK HERE to read what the Tribune's editorial board said in Our Views: "Read our words: No new taxes."


Let the big trucks pay for it? Does any of you know what big trucks pay for plates a year? Some of them pay more in one year for plates than you will pay in 10 years. I pay close to 3000.00 a year for my 160000lb plate. Yea looks like its cheap so jack it up.


The current proposals to raise transportation funds are basically a quick and easy way to shift the tax burden from corporations to individuals. As explained in the Our Views piece, these proposals would put undue burdens on individual citizens, and would put Michigan in the unenviable position as potentially having the highest state sales tax, gasoline tax, and vehicle registration fees in the entire country.

This from a state that was one of the hardest hit in unemployment and exodus of population/business for the longest time before, during, and after the recession. Two years ago Gov Snyder signed into law one of the lowest corporate flat tax rates in the country, dropping the business tax 86% to 6% - several points lower than our bordering neighbors (bringing corporate revenues down to about $292.7 million in 2013 from $2.1 billion in 2011).

Although the state needs to be serious in it's attempts to support business and create a healthy environment for job creation and economic prosperity, it shouldn't be done on the backs of individuals in the form of proposals for some of the highest sales, gasoline, and registration tax rates/fees in the country.

Maybe one source of revenue could be to make our state legislature part-time. Currently, it is the 2nd highest paid in the country, California is 1st.

Tri-cities realist

Lanivan, I agree we shouldn't raise any taxes...period. However, whether the tax burden falls on individuals or businesses, in the end the individual pays the cost. Which is why businesses don't really "pay" taxes, their tax burden is just another cost of doing business, which is passed on to the consumer (which I assume you know since I believe you said you are a business owner). And I agree that we need business friendly tax policy here in Michigan, without going overboard. But as with the fed govt, I don't think we have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem, which is where the focus should be aimed. And lastly, I agree about our state legislature, make it part time, or better yet, just reduce the pay to part time equivalent, or at a minimum bring it in line with other states and pay at the 50th percentile of all states. And while I never was a huge fan of gov. Jesse Ventura, I believe the Minnesota legislature focussed something like 25% of their time on reducing spending while he was governor. I like that idea.


TCR-I do think it's a case of balance and integration. I'm coming at this with the fact that wealth inequality/disparity is at record-breaking highs - middle class income is stagnating or decreasing, where the 1% wealth is growing at astronomical rates. Talk of raising state sales taxes, gasoline taxes, etc is only going to broaden this span.

I'm repeating myself here, but I find it frustrating our state legislature was not judicious with the corporate flat tax. Dropping it 86% seems to me too precipitous a drop for the economic climate - the resulting lack of revenue now being felt. What/were they thinking?

That's where balance comes in. IMO, the federal deficit can only be reigned in with increased revenues (which, in the last few years, have been at all-time lows) balanced with smart and judicious spending cuts. You are right that spending is a problem - and again, imo, we have Bush to thank for both sides of the equation. As the economy recovers, signs are showing the deficit, largely a temporary consequence of the financial crisis, is heading down. As a business owner, albeit a small one, I can say that business growth and job creation is tied more to demand than to tax burdens. Don't forget that many years of surging economic growth in this country took place when corporate tax rates were 70%-90%.


The State is just going to have to make cuts somewhere else. I know I'm making less money and paying more out for everything. Tighten their belts like we've all had to. Noone is bailing us out.


There needs to be better constuction done one the road a new type of blacktop our roads are junk every time I go out of state it's like night and day our roads to there's

Why pay for the same junk again

John Singerling

Place a 5% tax on all hotel, motel, resort, & B&B rooms with the stipulation that 4% be spent on actual road repairs and 1% for marketing Michigan. (not one cent on additional staff or administrative fees - or any legislators' pork projects).


Not one more dime in taxes! Our incomes are stagnant, but costs for everything are escalating and many of us are getting overburdened. Get out the super-sized meat cleaver and start whacking away at the state budget. We spend more on corrections (prisons) than education in this state, and that's a crime in itself. Start there. Next we can eyeball the legislature and its collection of overpaid and ineffective partisan sycophants. There is fat everywhere in government, and it's in need of serious trimming before ANY MORE taxes are imposed.

Mad Mike

how about adding toll roads like all the states that surround us and let all the tourist pay for the repairs


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