What do you think of the Grand Haven school district's $3 million budget deficit?


Mark Brooky

The Tribune reported in late April: "As a result of on-going state funding reductions, GHAPS Superintendent Keith Konarska said the district is facing a $3 million deficit for the 2013-14 school year."

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Don't anyone hold their breath on the higher echelon taking a pay cut in their salaries especially Mr. Konarska. He would be above doing that sort of thing and it would cramp his high in the saddle living style. Anyone ever looked at the yearly salary he actually makes? Cut the fat at the top of the food chain is where you need to start. You didn't see Mr. Furton the Superintendent of Spring Lake Public schools jumping up and volunteering to take a salary cut either. No, instead 12 custodians had to lose their jobs because he was above taking a salary cut and all the others who are high on the totem pole there as well. You watch, the custodian jobs at GHAPS days are numbered. The custodians and bus drivers are the first to be kicked to the curb. If Michigan would do it the right way like most of the Southern states do, they have ONE and only ONE Superintendent for each COUNTY. Not ONE for every school district. Mr. Konarska and Mr. Furton would be looking for different jobs if Michigan did that. Oh Yea!


After reading your commnets here and on the other related article, you seem quite bitter, it may be time to move on. Also, I might point out when you attack everyone with a different opinion other than yours you lose credibility. Before you attack me, I once lost a job due to cost cutting and I'm still trying to recover after 5 years. How do you propose saving 3 million by reducing or eliminaiting Mr. Konarska's job? There will probably need to be across the board salary cuts, program eliminations,any waist cutting, etc. You can't run a school district on a 8 year old budget.


Are you delusional or what? You either have to increase your meds or decrease them. In your case, who knows? But you do need help. Bitter? No, I live in the real world and you definitely have a perception problem here and need to turn off your selective hearing. It is not a question of moving on. A whole lot more to it than that. Nice to see you're a self-proclaimed psychologist here as well. You don't know JACK about me and what I have gone through since 1988 and the many downsizes and cutbacks because of fat cats on the totem who refuse or are above taking a salary cuts. And NO, I am not talking just but Konarska here. Never ONCE has he mentioned taking a salary cut to help the district and don't hold your breath on that. Not going to happen. Believe me in the back of his mind he has his sights set on privatizing the custodial and transportation departments. And he like so many hiding behind their power is playing cards that you don't get to see. Nice to see you want to patronize these kinds of people and for what gains on your part is anyone's guess. But one thing I can say. You need to get REAL. Take those rose colored glasses off once in while.


You make a good point, AtomicRooster. I'm not necessarily agreeing with you regarding Superintendent Konarska, as I think he's very good at what he does, but manipulation of the middle class by the elite powers that be is rampant; the 1% has seen their wealth shoot up astronomically, while the middle class is stagnant or going down hill. A decade of downsizing, outsourcing of jobs and plants, new technology and manufacturing efficiencies all have created a very unstable job market for the middle class, but unprecedented profits for corporate interests. The far right push to privatize and solve problems with austerity measures does have a negative effect on middle class job prospects.

I wish you well.


You're right I don't much about you beyond what you type, but you know what is in the back of Konarska's mind??? Oh and by the way,thanks for attacking me, you proved my point.

Grand Haven Happy


Just reading your foolish mis-leading posts on this subject tells me you are a jealous bitter wannabe person who may have lost your sanity. Konarska is doing a fine job and deserves his salary and every bit of it. As for cutting costs for school district operations, of course it should happen! If there's a less expensive way to provide the same custodial, transportation operations, or anthing other services needed while still maintaining the same "required operational qualities", then DO IT! That includes all employees but bear in mind that someone has to be the leader.

Remember that Konarska would be the Superintendent in charge and should even get an increase in salary for accomplishing the feat of nulifying the looming deficit by cutting the actual yearly district costs by nearly 20 times his entire yearly salary. Cheap at 1/10 the cost! It's called being a "Leader" and something you must know little about! Konarska is only one person/paycheck of the total district employee costs which amounts to approx 85% of the yearly budget. Spread out his total yearly salary dollars evenly as a raise given to ALL the other employees and it may even amount to a whopping approx 8 cents per hour increase. Who are you trying to fool anyway? You obviously are much worse than "weak" in math, economics, business intelligence, and common sense!

Amessage to all district employees and all of America's workers/employees. Be truely competitive or be gone! It's a world economy we are in as we have chosen to demand ever increasing incomes while purchasing all the foreign made cheap stuff for the last 50+ years and now have the "IGNORANT GUTS" to complain about the situation we now find our selves in? We willfully sent our dollars out of our country for decades on end and guess who has them now and who calls the shots?

Smarten up Dude!


DO you think that teaches that are still on starting pay after working for the school district for 4 years should get a raise???? Because with all these cuts that has occurred those teachers have taken in the shorts. NO raise, Increased health care and retirement cost and needs to get a second job and NO time for class prep or student activities costs coming out of the teachers pocket!!!!!!


they had on NPR this morning that Governor Synder is increasing the funding for both public schools and colleges. Maybe that will help.


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