What do you think of the county's proposed Grand River Greenway Trail?


Mark Brooky

CLICK HERE to read the Oct. 12 Tribune story, "Parks need money for Greenway."


Parks need money for Greenway. since when do we need spend 1000,s of dollars to enjoy the river ?


Is there supposed to be a question mark after river? If it is a question I give; do we need to or not? I think it depends on who you've brought with you to the river; sometimes $500.00 might get it done.


Oh I don't know.....ever hear of BOATS?

(Question mark assumed).


I have one, and a wife!


Well, at least you know where all your money went......


I do, my education and my family.


How about a couple more choices between the hyperbole of BEST THING EVER and I WON'T USE IT?
Maybe something more rational like....It is expensive, but if it was built I would most surely use it. A good idea, but not very realistic in these times? Something like that? There's probably a couple more, but don't knock yourselves out.

And who checks UNCERTAIN on a poll? If you don't know or don't have an opinion, do some research, get one and come back.


I'd like to comment on you comment but I'm UNCERTAIN about what to say so I will have to come back.


Ha, like you'd be uncertain about anything....y'all come back, I'll be waiting.


Ottawa County Parks are among the best in the state. They do their homework. The value is unmatched... $24 a year for the owner of a $150,000 home. Agree that the choice "Best thing ever" is a little far reaching. Pretty Cool though.


Yup, I agree and if they build it, I will come.


Is this going to be a multi-use path or a walking-only path? It sure would be awesome to have a bike route along the river towards GR that is not Leonard Rd. If it is bike-friendly, I would use it nearly every day.


Even it was a walking only path you could use it everyday; I've heard several people mention that they wish you would take a hike.



Oh, you mean G.Vandersteldt who is upset that the fountain is now playing newer programs such as this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j... ;)

I do enough hiking on the North Country Trail. In all reality, there has been a very great need for a cycle-friendly route between GH and GR, and the Greenway seems to fill that void.

Along with the Lakeshore Trail (which is in rough condition), and US Bike Route 35 (its a nationally designated bike route that runs right through Grand Haven), all we need is the Greenway to connect Muskegon, Holland, and Grand Rapids for cyclists.

If they build it, I seriously will use it very frequently when commuting to Grand Rapids on bike. While I will still use my car if needed, there is nothing like getting a good workout while commuting, and I have found I can get around parts of Grand Rapids on bike faster than in a car.


Hey SignalMaintainer, I have a serious question for you that you may have the answer to...

Is there anyway to obtain a schedule of when the trains come thru Grand Haven? or is it more of a fly by the seat of the pants deal?
I ask because I'm a photographer and there's a picture I've been wanting to take with the train going over the trestle as the subject matter and I need to know when to be in the right spot at the right time to get what I see in my mind.


I no longer work for the railroad as of August (persuing something I am much more passionate about), so my info may be slightly outdated. That said, the train normally comes through town around midnight (they leave North Yard in Muskegon around 10:30pm and spend a bit switching out Bay Logistics just north of Pontaluna before continuing south). They run back through GH on their way back from Holland around 3:30-4am on average.

The big exception is Friday. It is hit or miss, but on Friday they normally head down much earlier (last Friday I caught them at 3rd st in Ferrysburg while out on a bike ride around 5:30pm.

The other exception, which is very hit or miss is when they have a KEY train (HazMat) they will run to Holland at any point during the day with an engine and a buffer car or two to haul the HazMat back (to Webb Chemical).


Glad to hear you have solved your employment situation! Congrats....


Yes, I hope congratulations are in order and that you are pleased with where you are.

I have always enjoyed your knowledgeable posts, please know I was just kidding and being a wise ass about the "take a hike" thing. I believe what they actually said was something about a long walk off a short pier; our pier is long so not to worry.


Lol, I knew you were kidding.

Anyway, the 24/7/365 on call stuff was killing me (not being able to go hiking, camping, or even visit family during the holidays takes a huge toll on one), along with being paid incorrectly half the time.

While I have not started my new line of work as of yet (very soon though) and while it will not pay nearly as much as I was making previously, it is something I have done as a hobby for a while and am very passionate about, and even as a profession will offer me plenty of time to spend with friends, family, and enjoying life. It will also afford me the time to stay involved with the fountain and hopefully make next year quite successful; we should have enough new programming by spring between myself and another programmer (and anyone else who submits new songs) to replace much of the existing library with new songs. Much more attention is being paid to detail in the programming as well, and will be similar to the video I posted in my other comment.

On top of that, I now have the time to pursue other hobbies I have enjoyed in the past such as helping to restore steam locomotives.

Like I have said many times before I like to put life before money. I will be able to cover all bills just fine, but will not put making money before living life.


Thanks for the feedback on the train schedule. Years ago when I was working in Muskegon I'd leave early, just after sunrise and while going over the lift bridge the train would be headed south, over the bridge and because of the low morning light and the stillness of the water there would be an almost perfect reflection in the water. It's a shot I could never get while on the way to work, but now is a different time. Unfortunately it sounds like schedules have changed since back then and If I'm going to realize my picture it'll have to happen just after sunrise. Maybe next summer I guess.

Thanks again for the feedback and good luck.

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