Should the state widen U.S. 31/Beacon Boulevard in Grand Haven?


Mark Brooky

CLICK HERE to read the latest Tribune story on the Michigan Department of Transportation's plans to widen Beacon and the city's opposition to it.


Let's send more traffic to Robinson Township. Preserve our boulevard . . . send the traffic to the farmlands of Robinson Township . . . they have plenty of room for more lanes out there.


You sir are a s*** stirrer AND a humorist. :-)

That was a compliment by the way.....(LTA with the a in t)


I think they should keep the median and install a toll booth... it's a win/win. :o)


MDOT really got it backwards. The Beacon should have been widened before the By-Pass.

Another river crossing would have been sufficient; an expressway wasn't necessary.


Widening Beacon will actually make the traffic MUCH worse. I know it sounds odd, but it is true and there are decades of traffic studies to prove it.

I suggest that you read up on a phenomenon in traffic engineering called 'induced demand'. Read and learn.


I'm not convinced the "induced demand" argument would apply in this particular case. Maybe if we were talking about a major metropolitan city with MUCH more to offer motorists, then "widening" a major roadway MAY "induce" more traffic to USE it, however we are talking about Grand Haven, MI! There are only "X" amount of vehicles that travel through Grand Haven everyday ANYhow! Never many MORE...never many LESS! Always pretty consistant. I honestly dont feel by widening Beacon Blvd it's magically gonna make THOUSANDS of additional vehicles appear otta thin air, that simply don't exist! If a city (or state for that matter) offers NOTHING more for motorists/travelers/tourists, etc. than they had to offer in previous years, than it would stand to reason traffic (in general) should stay relatively consistant! Thats MY theory anyway! (lol) I guess someone would have to explain to me HOW widening a road could draw/lure/induce more vehicles that just aren't there? Especially, if for NO other reason, than somewhat less congested traffic!?!? Gotta be more to bring'em here than THAT!


This has to be THE most counterproductive community on the planet. I lived here between 1973 - 1977. And returned in October of 2010 and nothing has changed. I will acknowledge that it is by far a much safer community than Muskegon, but that is about as far as you can go here. Still the same backward thinking I have noted. Lucky you even have a Walmart(which came here under protest and many have boycotted it)and a lousy Meijers. Big deal. And a loser Home Depot. Bring a Costco, Aldi, and a Big Lots just for starters. Who cares about all the fast food joints. They're a dime a dozen. It's about time to widen Beacon Blvd. between Robbins Road to the bridge. If you don't have to go through there in peak times of the day, why should you care? Time to widen it to expedite the traffic at peak hours. Its been long overdue without a shadow of a doubt.


Been gone for 33 years and back for 3? Widening is really going to help, talk about out of touch.


Hey Mark Brooky, I was wondering if you can tell us how many votes to "keep the median as is" are from the same IP Address...or any of the polls responses for that matter... something smells fishy ... like one over zealous person stuffing the ballot box maybe???


Frisbee, I'll try and answer this for Mark. Any online poll can be altered, this site allows anyone registered or non registered to vote. Once you have voted a tracking cookie is placed on your device preventing you from voting again, however any device tied to a wireless network will allow you to vote again. There are ways to vote multiple times with a little patience and knowing what to do.

No online poll system is 100% accurate and depending on this sites social media plug in, it may or may not use an IP tracking option. To answer your question , yes it can be done. Someone would have to spend a vast amount of time to alter this poll with the right knowledge and nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer or other device for hours at a time.

To add to the other comments, should 31 be widened? No, the reason I say this is. Living very close to 31 for 50 years, the problem lies with the light timing. Jackson with the extended timing for east/west and north/south turns is the problem. The source of this is the retiming a few years back due to the build up in that area. And its only during the Mon thru Fri commutes from 2 to 6 pm for the most part. I've never seen any traffic issues in the morning commutes that I can remember.

Maybe Signal Maintainer will stop by a comment to this post, I'd like to see his thoughts on this as well.


LOL! Ya know, after joining this forum a few months ago, I’m beginning to realize that this forum is dominated by a hand full of old farts and their outdated “good old boy” network that feel the need to respond to every post. LOL…I even read a post where one old boy felt that another posters opinion was invalid because 1.) He obviously didn’t agree with his opinion and 2.) Because he was only a member of the forum for a few days! Like length of membership has anything to do with ones intellectual ability! LOL! What a bunch of self righteous clowns! Anywho….
GHR thanks but no thanks for your attempt to answer my question to Mark. But if you would read carefully you will notice I did not ask the question IF it was possible, believe me…I’m well versed computer protocol… I know it’s possible. I specifically asked Mark how many votes came from the same IP address. (I'm suggesting foul play.) And unless you have access to their server I fail to see how you would be able to answer intelligently for Mark. Why would you even try? hummm…And no need for signalmaintainer to chime in… we are all more than well aware of the dead horse he’s been beating of a phenomenon in traffic engineering called 'induced demand' in which sixcarbs debunked for us in the posting above. LOL! Funny...We didn't see this phenomenon happen when they widened Jackson St. Same amount of traffic... just flows a lot smoother now. But thanks for trying…You old guys sure are going to miss the median when it’s gone! You guys actually believe that YOU have your finger on the pulse of Grand Haven? Talk about out of touch...


Well aren’t you special……(A) I’m not one of the “old farts” nor (B) am I part of “good old boy” network. Since you’re so well versed in computer protocol then you would know how the interweb works, specifically IP addys and multiple users. If Mark were to run an IP trace for your so called “foul play” then he should also check how many OS systems could be associated with a specific IP and or multiple users registered with that same IP, ya your probably one of them. Being that your claim to be so well versed you would know exactly what it would take to majorly alter this poll.

"We didn't see this phenomenon happen when they widened Jackson St. Same amount of traffic... just flows a lot smoother now".

True, but the light timing was also changed. Or maybe you didn't notice that.

Carry on.

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