What's your prediction for this winter's weather?


Mark Brooky

Do you believe in the winter weather prediction source of the nuts on the ground? Read Alex Doty's story in Monday's Tribune, "Trees go nutty for weather": CLICK HERE


The same morons here who want cold with lots of snow are the same morons who love root canals.




Cold helps to ensure the lakes freeze over.
This helps to prevent evaporation.

Snow is precipitation (this is the opposite of evaporation).
The more snow we get the more water we get and thus helps with lake levels.

You are a moron for not realizing this. You should hope for a solid winter that will help our great lakes and waterways. If you find the cold and snow to be bothersome might I suggest you head down south!


Hey genius! If I had the means I would of left a long time ago. Not here because I like it MORON. Think once in a while.


You started the name calling, don't get all hurt about it. Remember this "The same morons here who want cold with lots of snow are the same morons who love root canals."?


Okay, I am a Moron because I Love the Winter time, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, and Ice fishing? So that must mean that Pea Brained Idiots who hate the cold and complain about winter live in Michigan, known for its Cold Winters. I will ask this now. If you don't like Winter, Why do you live here? Who is the Moron? You need to think before you post on here. You make yourself look pretty stupid. Sorry, I mean Challenged to be PC.


This poll wasn't about what people want it was their predictions... how especially mature to start calling people names. I personally love snow. I feel like we haven't had a super snowy Michigan winter in years... a lot of people love winter, doesn't make them morons. Like a lot of others, I do get sick of snow, but if you hate it that much, go somewhere warm during the winter months. I don't think it will be super cold, I do think we will have a snowy winter though.


Not cool. I removed my vote. No one but me needs to know how I vote, even if it's something as mundane as this topic.

So much for your polls.

If you're going to make changes how about fixing the paging issue?


To explain the above post, the Trib removed some comments in this thread (all at one point). In one post, it was noted by Watchingyou that there is a button at top where you can click on "votes" and see how all us annon people voted.


Thank you for clearing that up bigdeal. What I commented was that I noticed the new feature at the top that you can see the votes. Now I like the idea of it to stop the Conspiracy Theorists. What I don't like is the fact it shows IP's for most votes but shows our handles for our votes. That just asks for more drama. I mentioned that all votes need to be shown by only IP's.


Yup, sorry if I should've made my issue clearer. I could have swore there were other posts here on the topic when I posted, but they're not here now....suffering from hallucinations?

I think I'd be ok with the IP only deal, but given that I've recently had a stalker here threaten my life, I don't need the additional attention. It's not a big deal (sorry bigdeal), I can get thru the day without participating in the polls.


LTA, there is another set of comments that somehow reappears about once a day and these ones go away.

Threaten your life? Wow, there are some real mature folks on here aren't there?


yeah, it's like one of those psycho movies. Some people just take things too seriously. I have a cop that's a neighbor. I showed him the post and he said I could file a complaint. I may do that if it doesn't stop.

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