What has your experience been with Obama's online health care exchange?



As usual, it is our children and the working class that will pay for the cost. Including those cost on society that are not financial, such as our work values, and being self-reliant. Sometimes we forget to look at the full picture, and the effect our actions have on our future. Wake-up from the nightmare, for our children deserve so much more.


People used to stay at jobs, the employers paid well, and there were benefits. These benefits all rode on the younger working people. These were full time jobs. Then in the 1970's enter Republicans with a new idea- Temp Workers. These were a direct assault on the middle class worker and unions. And it has worked wonderfully, just the way they wanted. Talk about work ethics, and then talk about the dumbing down of America. Sometimes we forget to look at recent history.


Then enter the Dems and their Obamacare. Now employers are only offering part time jobs so they can get out of offering insurance. Yeah, that was helpful!


@Bigdeal, have you seriously missed the rush toward moving people to part time and temp? This is happening now . . . not under a Republican administration. Apparently you missed the memo.


you must be pretty young to think this is something new christopher. But, yes, this is happening right here in MI under your Republican regime at this moment at an ever quickening pace. You are correct. To blame the President for everything in Michigan just exudes ignorance.


A quick study shows that the trend in part time work (unintended) has been steadily increasing for decades. Part time work peaked just before and just after the 2009 Great Recession, and has been falling ever since.

This one chart pretty much sums it up:


"Two researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco published an analysis in late August that largely absolved the reform law as a cause of part-time work. They showed that part-time work as a share of total employment climbed to 20.3 percent in 1983 in the aftermath of a recession during the Reagan administration, fell to 17 percent during the boom years of the 1990s, and zoomed back up after the severe recession in 2008 and 2009 to reach 19.7 percent in 2010, the year the A.C.A. was enacted. Since then it has trended down very slightly but remains stubbornly high."


You have a right to be concerned about growing part-time status in the US, and you have a right to have objections about the ACA, but you don't have a right to conflate the two.


In the real world, as opposed to a chart from a left wing think tank, Obamacare is causing businesses to convert workers from full time to part-time and to increase the number of part-time employees for new hires. http://online.wsj.com/news/artic...

So, it is perfectly correct to conflate the rise in part time employment and Obamacare.


why would I do anything that obama asks?


I purchase my health insurance privately.


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HealthCare.org helped me find the 4 health insurance providers in my area that offered 32 plans for 2014. My current provider was one of those so I visited their site, picked a plan, then called then to get signed up. I'm not sure how this poll question turned into a heated discussion on part-time work.


I will pay the penalty. I currently have "catostropic" health care insurance which limits my liability to $10,000, incidentally with a $10,000 deductible. My insurance costs me $257 per month. It is no longer available under obumacare (no that is not misspelled). The replacement under our wonderful leaders initiative would cost me $457 per month. Of course if I get pregnant (which is remote since I was sliced and diced over 30 years ago) I would graciously be covered.


What's the big fuss about? Everyone will be saving $2500 a year on their health insurance. The president said so during the election.


When I heard I would save over $2500.00 a year and that my ACA health policy would be less than my cell phone bill each month I was very excited. Also the fact that I have a pre-existing condition that will not increase costs for me anymore, I was really thrilled. So what is reality you ask? Well an ACA policy with a higher deductible is twice what I pay now with a pre-existing condition.

I have been lied to, plain and simple, one would wonder why, that is for each individual to decide.


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