Have your finances improved in 2013?



a.) If you are a CEO, check "Yes, substantially" - the average CEO-to-worker pay ratio in 2012 was about 350 to 1. If you have stocks in the stock market, check "Yes, substantially", as the stock market attained record-breaking highs in 2013.

b.) If you are a member of the middle class, check any of the other options.

"In 1971, according to the Pew Research Center, 61% of all adults lived in middle-income households. By 2011, the middle-income share had fallen to 51%, while the lower- and upper-income sectors grew. Median household income in 2011 was not significantly higher than it had been in 1989. Because upper-income households fared much better during those four decades, their share of total household income increased by 17 percentage points—to 46% from 29%—while the middle-income share fell by 17 points, to 45% from 62%". WSJ.

c.) If you are unemployed, underemployed, infirm, disabled, struggling with the effects of the Great Recession, see b.)

Back to the Wall

a) Vilify the successful;

b) Make excuses for underachievement;

c) Stir vigorously until fully agitated.


a) Who's vilifying? I merely stated the facts; you're the one pulling the vilification card.

b) Who's making excuses for underachievement? I'm merely stating the facts as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

c) Who's stirring the pot? Looks to me like you chose to stir and agitate by distorting the facts with your prejudices.

And by the way Back to the Wall, where are your facts? Or are you simply replying on an emotional level?

Back to the Wall

d) Deny;

e) Deny & divert;

f) Deny and obfuscate.


Apparently you aren't any happier with the statistics than I am. If so, you should direct your unhappiness to the original source of the report - The Wall Street Journal.

Back to the Wall

g) Cook until smug and serve with chilled self-absolution.


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