What do you think about the restrictions on dog walking at Grand Haven City Beach?


Mark Brooky

Read the latest Tribune story on the City Beach dog issue: "No dogs allowed."

Former Grandhavenite

As we all know a socialist has about as much chance of being elected as dog catcher in West Michigan as... wait, that's it! At last my in-road to the political scene has become clear!


Praise God, we do not need any Socialist in Grand Haven, or in West Michigan. Were doing just fine, just fine indeed, if you want a socialist, go visit the White House...

Former Grandhavenite

You need not worry good sir, as I wouldn't touch the prospect of running for office with a ten foot pole and my references to it are 'jest' in response to some other posters here. Thanks for the heads up about the president of France visiting the White House though.


The wording in this poll is exactly what has caused some of the problems to start with. Unfortunately those at the Tribune don't get it either. When you use the word "City Beach" a lot of people think or assume that, that is referring to the stretch of beach that is called the "City Beach" There is a big sign at the entrance that says "City Beach". The correct wording that should be used is City owned beach. A lot of Grand Haven residents and probably all of the tourist. Don't realize how far south the City's Beach actually runs. They don't know that the City's beach runs all the way down south of Grand Ave. Saying the south part of the "City Beach" to a lot of people would mean in front of the Harbor Condo's. That is why you see people walking their dogs from the "City Beach" all the way down to the Dog Beach. They come to the "City Beach" only to find out that the Dog Beach is 400 yds. south.


True, I think they should remove the remaining sand hills along the city-owned-beach (south) and put in tons of paved parking & signs from Bil-mar to Grand so dog owners know exactly where it is! That will give those Highlanders a better view of things!


It's a shame that a group of people want to take a small section of the COMMUNITY beach and keep dog owners from using it responsibly with their dogs. Drive down there any day in the summer and see how many people are using that section of beach. It's not exactly the mecca of beach-goers. Sorry that you feel that it's your personal, private beach, but just because you look out at it does not make it yours. Time to get down off your high horses and look up at your big homes that incidentally are eyesores to some people who prefer to see natural dunes as opposed to beach homes. Dog owners aren't asking for the entire beach. Just a little portion to share with their beloved pets.


Have you not read the articles and the comments? The whole issue and problem is that a small group of dog owners are not being responsible. People are already entitled to use a section of beach with their beloved pets. But some are jeopardizing that entitlement for all dog owners. Because of their actions and disregard for the rules and restrictions of use. It has nothing to do with how many people are using the beach. It has nothing to do with a group of people wanting to claim that beach as their own. And the homes you speak of on the dunes have been there for over 100 years.


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