Are you willing to pay higher taxes to fix Michigan’s potholed-covered roads?


Mark Brooky

CLICK HERE to read the Tribune story from Monday, "Potholes irk residents."


We already pay taxes for roads and road maintenance.


Let Governor Snyder pay for it. He's got more money than you or I will ever see. And thank him also for the high car insurance rates we pay in this state. Just remember what to do in November 2014. Simply DO NOT re-elect him. One mistake was enough. ABS=Anybody But Snyder.


It's either fix the roads or put the money into body work on our automobiles. Seems like a no-brainer to me.


Where does the money come from for fixing the roads? The Government.

That money comes from? Taxes.

Taxes come from? Us.

When the Government doesn't get tax revenue to cover the spending, where does the money come from? Print more money, increase our debt.

Who owns most of the current US debt? China.

We thought years ago that perhaps Spanish may become a first language.

With all the resistance to paying more taxes, perhaps we should learn Chinese. Or give up a few more bucks in taxes....


I believe Michiglen that the US debt is distributed as listed below. While we do owe China they are not the largest holder of US debt.

The biggest are the Social Security trust funds (16 percent), the Federal Reserve banks (12 percent), China (8 percent), Japan (7 percent) and mutual funds including money-market funds (6 percent).


Sad how Social Security Benefits will run out but there's never any talk about Unemployment or food stamps running out. 91 million Americans on food stamps and rising!


Your number is incorrect. As of December 2013, there were 46,782,047 Americans collecting SNAP benefits, and by the way, the numbers are slowly going DOWN, not rising.


You're going to trust the numbers posted on a government website? Which trailer park in town do you live at?


HellNo, I'm going to trust someone called hoofhearted for my information. Someone who looks and talks down to people living in mobile homes. You are one sorrya$$. Care to tell us which Fox news station heads you got your figures from??


Thanks bigdeal - you are the best. Hoofhearted - I'm surprised by your response. One would think you would be happy that you are off by about 45 million less people, and the number of poor people, children, veterans, the disabled, and the elderly who don't have enough money to buy enough food is not even close to the number you thought.

I'm curious about the trailer park thing. Perhaps you will enlighten us as to your apparently cryptic meaning. I do not live in a trailer park, but I once lived on a boat. Does that suffice? And for a short periods of time I've lived in a RV....does that qualify for whatever obscure point your trying to make? And I spent a few nights on the beach in the summer of 1971. Now that you know, will you ever be able to accept information from a link I provide? Please let me know - this is very important to me.

Barry Soetoro

All this anger. We need to move ahead with the Beer Summit. I used to live on a boat, too. A big gray one. It sucked but I embraced the suck.


Just be thankful you don't live under a bridge like the troll horse's petutie above Barry!

Back to the Wall

Navy, sailors, embrace the suck.
mUSt resist teMptation to Comment.

Barry Soetoro

Go ahead - if you don't Lani will. I deserve it.


Oh, c'mon ! I might think it, but of course you know I'm too lady-like to say it!! I leave that for the Seamen......>*_*<


It appears hoofhearted has taken the easy way out and gone AWOL, now that he has fouled anchor with his snafu. He's probably busy sending out mayday calls to extricate himself from his bilge water.

Oh well - you are so right,'s about time to get out of drydock. Down the Hatch! Clink!

(By the way, your boat was probably bigger than mine. And I bet yours had a head, as well...)

Barry Soetoro

Lots and lots of seamen, too. Can't believe I set myself up for that one. I'm usually sharper than that. All these sunny days had me distracted looking for my Speedo.


Hey - you're allowed an occasional distraction. And by the way, I spotted a Speedo listed on the Lost and Found board at the Kona Brewing Co.

Barry Soetoro

Ah, probably the one I "lost" in '09. It wasn't hot pink by chance?


Now that you mention it, it did say something about "pink cami".

Back to the Wall

Leaving openings big enough to drive an AAV full of Marines without touching the sides!!




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