What law enforcement agency should police Spring Lake and Ferrysburg?



And I thought we got off track of the subject a lot. What does GHT or GHDPS switching have anything to do with Spring Lake and Ferrysburg Law enforcement switching?


Another option: Ferrysburg acts independently of SL.


Its the local paper attempting to cloud the real issues and stir up the s..t like usual


All this comes up about every ten years. The first time it was studied was in the early 70's or late 60's when Roy Shields (Muskegon Community College Law Enforcement Prof.) was involved with it. It was recommended at that time, that SL, Fb, and GH form one department.

Now after more than 40 years you people are still bickering about it. Look how much money and resources you have wasted. It doesn't make sense having all these police departments within three square miles.

They trip over one another. It's time to get this done.


No money will ever really be saved by contracting to the Sheriff. If true regional law enforcement consolidation is what everyone wants throughout the county then a board of directors comprised of City/TWP Managers needs to be established, (not elected officials) a Director/Chief/Commissioner (not the Sheriff) needs to appointed by that board and the department funded by a dedicated millage to replace all the money expended by all entities for police service. Short of that there will be no real savings and you might as well leave it all alone.


The point you make would be a good one if you can come up with numbers to back it. If you truly have some data that proves your point then please share so we can all be informed properly. If you don't then no one will take you seriously.


Maybe we should just do away with Townships office. Why do we have them anyways... We all pay taxes to Ottawa County. The tax payers need to put the pressure on the county board to add additional county funded deputies instead of the putting the burden on the middle man being the townships. I would be willing to pay for a county wide mileage for police services as long as the money goes to police services. Their is NO need for additional boards. Maybe ask Ottawa County how they do it cheaper.... Like Grand Haven police they claim they were advised by MERS to stop sending money. I have never heard of Ottawa County being told to not fund MERS. Unless they are banking the employee's money?????? Investing it and making money off the employee's.


watching you; I don't particularly agree with this consolidation effort but having had to watch it and study it a great deal over the years I am simply saying the Sheriff department is not the body to do it because he is driven by politics and not a sense of fiscal responsibility. The Sheriff is not kept in check by Board of Commissioners with respect to his budget. Other then not appoving his budget they have no control or authority over him. Only the voters do and can anyone name a time in the last 60 years when the sheriff of this county did not run as incumbent. Its just passed on from one to another through a flawed process at best. If you are looking for boiler plate numbers use Central Dispatch as a template. Appointed Director, Board of Directors to oversee him and the budget and accountability. They are well staffed, have a healthy fund balance etc etc etc. If you want true county wide police consolidation then you have to start from scratch by first getting the county population as a whole to agree on it not one political sub-division at a time because that is never going to happen because people lose power then, then create a millege which replaces all the funds paid by all the city's and townships for all law enforcement except the jail, create a board of directors of managers not elected officials, then apoint a skilled director not a hand picked elected official who has had the mantle passed like the sheriff because they will always do what is in their own best interest first, then create the agency. That is transperency. There is none now and wont be later under the Sheriff template, it simply isnt designed that way, its like a shell game. Anyway, I personally think a tri-city PD or DPS is the way to go but if not contracting to the Sheriff will only result in all of this having to be revisited 20 years from now on a far greater scale.

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