12:00 PM Jan 26, 2015
Sometimes Tri-Cities history isn't about who lived here, but who stayed here.
12:00 PM Jan 19, 2015
Warren Gee was a coin collector before most people saw anything beyond face value of a coin.
12:00 PM Jan 12, 2015
Initiations into societies more than a century ago were often secret affairs kept guard by the organization. Historically, there are legends of outrageous initiation practices, some with serious consequences.
12:00 PM Jan 5, 2015
On an early winter’s day in December 2006, Josh, whose last name will remain anonymous, decided to take a walk out on the Grand Haven south pier with two college buddies.
12:00 PM Dec 29, 2014
A one-room schoolhouse in Borculo, which is just north of Zeeland, has become a thing of paranormal folklore.
12:00 PM Dec 22, 2014
The holiday season often conjures up the ghosts of Christmases past — at least in the famous Charles Dickens novella, “A Christmas Carol.”
12:00 PM Dec 15, 2014
An Ottawa County native born in 1903 at Drenthe, in Zeeland Township, worked on some pretty famous people during his profession as a neurosurgeon from 1933 to 1970.
12:00 PM Dec 8, 2014
Sometimes in Ottawa County's history, a person's name is revealed to be an alias and a clandestine identity surfaces.
12:00 PM Dec 1, 2014
A new reality television program began airing on the History Channel last month, titled “Search for the Lost Giants.”
12:02 PM Nov 24, 2014
No bones about it. When Ottawa County pioneer John Spoon discovered a large number of human skeletons near the mouth of Crockery Creek in 1875, it caused a sensation putting Ottawa County and his namesake town — Spoonville — on the map.