11:44 AM Jun 23, 2014
If you attended Grand Haven High School in the late 1970s — what is now known as Lakeshore Middle School — you likely recall Pedro.
12:00 PM Jun 16, 2014
Historically speaking, Ottawa County’s hot spot for spiritualism — or communication with the dead — was the Village of Agnew.
12:00 PM Jun 9, 2014
Criminal families have always earned public fascination, but only when they end up in historical literature.
12:00 PM Jun 2, 2014
Ever since the establishment of Ottawa County's first churches, citizens — on occasion — have had a beef with a pastor.
12:03 PM May 27, 2014
From 1870 to 1890, Michigan was the nation’s leading timber producer, and its sawmills were among the most efficient in the world. Logging in Grand Haven and Spring Lake contributed greatly to that distinction.
12:00 PM May 19, 2014
After looking at a number of houses in the Grand Haven area in 2004, Michael and his wife fell in love with the one they bought.
12:00 PM May 12, 2014
A Strange Grand Haven column published Sept. 26, 2011, told the story of Frederick Augustus Names, who in 1894 claimed he was responsible for praying to death the mayor of Chicago.
12:00 PM May 5, 2014
People in Grand Haven were awestruck and amazed when they witnessed a new device demonstrated at the Grand Haven Rotary Club. The Grand Haven Tribune reported that the event “proved to be one of the most interesting scientific lectures” club members had ever witnessed.
11:45 AM Apr 28, 2014
One disturbing theme in horror films is the “ax murderer.” But for one Polkton Township family on July 22, 1907, it was a horrific reality.
12:00 PM Apr 21, 2014
History records the famous Lewis and Clark expedition, but of equal merit is Fremont and Carson's expeditions mapping and documenting routes of the great western territories.