11:33 AM Jul 16, 2014
This column is the first in a weekly series in which Nich will update you on his foray into the world of golf. He is taking lessons at the Grand Haven Golf Club with teaching pro Troy Thom and PGA member professional and director of golf, Kirk Sherman.
10:10 AM Jul 15, 2014
SL’s Bitner receives honor from USA Today
10:31 AM Jul 14, 2014
Dell Finney certainly stands out from the crowd.
9:31 AM Jul 14, 2014
Among the most noticeable finishers at Sunday’s Grand Haven Triathlon was a group of guys who jogged across the finish line with big bright sombreros bouncing on their heads.
10:16 PM Jul 13, 2014
With or without swim, Grand Haven Triathlon a hit
12:03 AM Jul 12, 2014
Volunteers still needed for event
10:30 AM Jul 12, 2014
Event raises money for school's athletic programs
10:10 AM Jul 11, 2014
Scharphorn, Findley to compete at Bassmaster HS Nat'l Championship