12:26 PM Apr 18, 2011
A crowd of 38 people gathered in the Ottawa County Courthouse parking lot Saturday afternoon for a march to show their support for Mother Earth. Unfortunately, she didn't get the memo. A persistent mist and temperatures around 40 degrees made the weather less than ideal for a march through downtown Grand Haven. Participants would have a chance to warm up at the sixth annual Earth Day Fair at the Grand Haven Community Center.
10:15 AM Apr 18, 2011
During the opening minutes of play and the final stretch of action of the fourth period, Spring Lake's lacrosse team proved it could match up competitively with visiting Grand Haven. But in between, the Buccaneers displayed the skills of an established varsity program, and badly exposed the Lakers for what they are - a club team still learning on the fly. The visiting Bucs outscored the hosts 9-0 in the second and third periods combined and finished with a comfortable 14-3 victory against the Lakers at Spring Lake Middle School on Thursday.
10:14 AM Apr 18, 2011
The Elks Lodge in downtown Grand Haven was rocking in celebration of planet Earth on Friday night for the sixth annual Earth Rock concert. Lexen Sterenberg, organizer of the concert, said he was excited about this year's show and the kick off to area Earth Day activities. "A lot of musicians (and) a lot of poets tend to have humanitarian ties, so I thinks it's a really good fit to have an Earth Day event like this,' he said.
1:57 PM Apr 15, 2011
Fifteen people gathered Thursday evening at Spring Lake Christian Reformed Church, said a prayer, then disbursed into the surrounding neighborhood. The Community Unity Prayer Walk was organized by church member Carol Van Dop. She led a group of four east down the south side of Fall Street, while another group of women prayed down the north side of the street. The church's pastor, the Rev. Drew Sweetman, led a group north on Lake Avenue. A third group of women took off in a car to pray farther away.
1:32 PM Apr 15, 2011
Dale Sheridan and William O'Donnell walked alongside the circular ponds at the Grand Haven/Spring Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant on Thursday evening, donning full protective suits and oxygen masks. One carried a wrench and a cylindrical piece of metal used to clamp a gasket over a valve on a large metal cylinder. The tank, used to carry a ton of sulfur dioxide, was part of a training exercise for the Ottawa County Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue Team (HazMat).
10:38 AM Apr 15, 2011
Daryl Fischer of Grand Haven said she had heard of author Jackson Katz prior to his visit to Grand Haven on Thursday, but really didn't know much about him. Once his presentation was over, the museum consultant and her counterparts from the Progressive Women's Alliance Lakeshore said they were ready to take his message and put it into play in their daily lives.
3:37 PM Apr 14, 2011
Desks with food, displays and other projects lined a second-story hall at Lakeshore Middle School on Wednesday afternoon for the sixth-graders' Latin America Festival. As teachers and students walked along the hall, Shellie Cook explained that the project is part of the students' social studies education.
10:34 AM Apr 11, 2011
Loutit District Library was filled with the voices of the Cosmops men's choir Sunday afternoon when the local vocal group put on a free concert. The group's director, Joshua Ledesma, said that he and the other Cosmops enjoy getting out in front of the community to perform at events. "This is what we really love to do,' he said. "We love to sing for people who wouldn't normally get this kind of experience.'
9:35 AM Apr 9, 2011
Local children made a splash in the Tri-Cities Family YMCA swimming pool Friday morning. The first- through fifth-grade students took part in the YMCA's annual "Splash Begin-to-Swim' program. "We're a waterfront community and everyone should have that ability to learn how to swim,' Tri-Cities Family YMCA Executive Director Dean Buntley said.
9:56 AM Apr 8, 2011
Jeff Smith has always been interested in cars, and now the Spring Lake man can take his car collection into the 21st century. Smith is one of the first in Michigan to take delivery of the new Chevrolet Volt - which, according to General Motors, is the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle with extended range.
10:16 AM Apr 7, 2011
Scott Bekins said he was happy to let the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety on Tuesday knock out windows and punch holes in the floor and walls of a house he owns across the street from his business. The owner of Bekins Audio Video & Appliance, 735 Washington Ave., watched briefly as the firefighters moved hoses and equipment to get ready for the next round of training. "I'm just glad these people could use it,' Bekins said. The house at 734 Washington Ave. had served primarily as a storage facility for the past 15-20 years.
7:08 AM Apr 7, 2011
A man showed up at Spring Lake District Library on Tuesday afternoon with the pelts of dead animals and some live ones, too. With the display and his informative talk, Doug Wright - an interpretive naturalist from the Outdoor Discovery Center - kept about 130 elementary school-age children and their parents entertained for an hour during spring break week. Wright first showed off several animal pelts, then pulled a live 6-foot black rat snake out of a sack and let it slither around his arm as he strolled around the room.
10:32 AM Apr 5, 2011
Tawnya Armstrong has seen plenty of wildlife - and surprises - on the shore of Lake Michigan since moving to Grand Haven a year and a half ago. But she didn't expect to find a beaver riding the waves when she took her dog for a walk Monday morning. "I parked at the Bil-Mar (restaurant) at about 7:30, and I walked down past the dunes to the edge of the dog park, and I saw a beaver,' Armstrong said.
2:40 PM Apr 4, 2011
The Spring Lake Yacht Club was transformed into a who's who of colleges and universities throughout the Midwest, east coast and Canada on Saturday afternoon. As athletes unwound following the day of competition during the 16th annual Lubbers Cup Regatta on Spring Lake, spectators could hear enthusiastic chants of "O-H-I-O!,' performed by the rowing team from Ohio State University. Minutes later, Michigan State got into the act, yelling "Go Green! Go White!'
1:02 PM Apr 4, 2011
The wind was still blowing, turning 40 degrees into a biting cold temperature by mid-Saturday afternoon, but the sun was out when friends Bud Ainsworth of Ferrysburg and Pat LeBlanc of Spring Lake ventured out on a dock at Keenan Marina to get a better view of the rowing regatta being held on Spring Lake. Ainsworth was there first. He had been at the Spring Lake Yacht Club for a good portion of the day, but you couldn't see the finish line from there.
2:52 PM Apr 2, 2011
The 16th annual Lubbers Cup Regatta is taking place on Spring Lake today. Rowing teams from 13 colleges will compete in several different categories, all vying for trophies and medals, and ultimately the top team points. It is hosted by the Grand Valley State University Rowing Club. Other teams include Michigan State University; University of Michigan; Ohio State University; U.S. Coast Guard Academy; and Brock University from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
11:47 PM Apr 1, 2011
Nikko, an Ottawa County Sheriff's Department K-9 officer, was getting up in years - so, when her handler got an opportunity for a promotion, he took it. Three-and-a-half-years later, a new opening came up in the K-9 unit and Deputy Jeff Somers threw in his name. "I loved doing the job, so I put in for the spot,' he said. Somers had to give up his position as a sergeant. He also had to come up with funds to acquire the dog.