12:05 PM Dec 21, 2014
Max DeVisser is only 2 and can barely talk, but he knows what he likes.
10:19 PM Nov 13, 2014
Buccaneers continue sweep streak with straight-set win over Hudsonville
10:28 PM Nov 11, 2014
Buccaneers sweep Grand Rapids Northview; will meet Hudsonville in regional final
8:34 AM May 14, 2014
A man accused of escaping from a South Carolina jail nearly 40 years ago has been captured in Ottawa County.
9:32 AM Apr 22, 2014
A terrified resident, a neighborhood on alert and a four-car crash involving a police car — all because of a prank.
10:00 AM Apr 6, 2014
An Ottawa County-based ministry honors the deceased while supporting the living.
4:30 PM Mar 30, 2014
A Holland man and his three daughters were injured in a one-car rollover crash Saturday evening.
11:27 PM Mar 23, 2014
Grand Rapids Christian wins season-opening event
9:00 AM Mar 14, 2014
A jury says an Ottawa County meatpacker violated federal law by not paying workers for putting on and taking off safety wear.
8:55 AM Feb 5, 2014
The words meth bust and Zeeland rarely go into the same sentence. However, what police say they found last week at an apartment house on North Elm Street is sparking a new conversation.