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Lord’s Supper is subject of local church’s new art exhibit

• Mar 5, 2017 at 10:00 AM

A new public art exhibit called “Come, For All Is Ready” has opened in the Atrium Gallery at the Second Christian Reformed Church in Grand Haven.

It runs through August at the church on the corner of Sheldon and Robbins road. An opening reception will take place at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 12.

Whether you call it The Lord’s Supper, The Last Supper, Communion or The Eucharist, you are invited to celebrate in this art show, a sacrament the Christian Church has commemorated for centuries. The horizontal dimension of fellowship with one another, gathered around a table, points to the vertical fellowship with Christ as we eat and drink together.

The works of 20-plus artists portray various themes of The Lord’s Supper, with the overall spirit one of thanksgiving and celebration:

— A series of Joel Tanis’ paintings are illustrations for a forthcoming book, “At God’s Table.”

— A table made by Glen Gronevelt has 13 place settings, representing places for all who are called to “come to the Table.” Four sets of peg dolls around tables were “dressed” by various members of the church.

— The elements are represented in a sculpture made of 20,000 communion cups from 17 area churches.

— Three embroideries of French silk portraying the subject that were found in the basement of St. John’s Episcopal Church several years ago.

— A banner with a stalk of wheat suggesting the bread was crafted by Canadian George Langbroek for Neal Plantenga’s installation as president of Calvin Theological Seminary.

— A sculpture by Machelle Knochenhauer.

— A scene of The Last Supper on a cross is from an El Salvadoran fair-trade cooperative. — Original works for the show are from artists Harriet Vander Meer, Virginia Wieringa, Agnes Fisher,, Knochenhauer, Jane Ewing, Vange VanHuesen and Gronevelt. Other returning artists are Julie Quinn, Bob deJonge, Peter Gordon, Nora Faber and Paul Stoub.

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