TCKL All-Star game results

Tribune Staff • Jul 23, 2018 at 11:48 PM

The Tri-Cities Kids League concluded their season over the weekend with their annual All-Star games, battling through predicted inclement weather for one final lap around the bases.

It was a showcase of local talent all around, as skills and speed acquired over the season were put on display. Here are the results from Saturday’s contests.


East 10, West 2

The victorious East All-Star team was led at the plate by Zoe Furey as she knocked three base hits for three runs scored and two RBIs. Megan Rasmussen and Ryley Jeltema weren’t far behind with two hits for two runs scored and one RBI each. Ellie Eathen also chipped in with two hits and one RBI.

The West struggled to generate runs but still had some stellar performances. Ruby Dyk collected three hits for one RBI while Dixie Dyk and Myah Koning connected for two hits and Brailynn Morgan scored one run on two hits.


West 11, East 8

The first boys instructional game was a high-scoring affair with the West coming out on top. They were led at the plate by Easton Hints with three hits and one RBI, while Ethan Ambrose and Keiavion Korenstra both connected for two hits, two runs and one RBI. Nolan Stalec added two hits for one run and one RBI.

The East put up a valiant fight as Turner Johnson blasted three hits for two runs scored, while Tyler Vanderlaan and Tyler Hardy paired up for three hits, one run and one RBI each. Brenden Anderson added three hits for one run and two RBIs.

North 16, South 9

The North-South boys instructional matchup proved to be another high-octane game. Owen Haveman showcased his speed and power with four hits, including one double, scoring two runs. Linkin Stygstra also knocked a double as one of his three hits, while scoring two runs and one RBI. Graham Porter belted three hits for one run and two RBIs, while Kennan Albaugh picked up two RBIs on three hits.

The South was led by Pierce VanStratt with three hits, one run and one RBI, while James Middleton knocked three hits for one run. Lennon Jorgensen managed two hits and one run, while Calvin Brunsting scattered two hits for one RBI.


East 11, West 7

Big hitting by the boys minor West All-Star team wasn’t enough to overcome the East. C.J. Henke led the victors with three hits for two RBIs, ahead of Owen Malaski with one hit, scoring three runs. Dean Mattson contributed one hit for one RBI and scored a run. Chase Phares scored two runs and picked up one RBI.

Tye Barder led the West with two hits, including a home run, to score one run and two RBIs. Alex Batka continued the long-ball trend with a triple, picking up one RBI and scoring a run. Caleb Chryst picked up two hits, including a double, for one RBI, while Taggert Kelly knocked a single hit, scoring one run.

South 12, North 4

The South boys minor team took to the base path for a generous eight-run victory Saturday, led by Jackson Grimes’ three hits, three RBIs and two runs scored. Vinny Derenne knocked a pair of hits for one RBI, while Ethan Ness connected for two hits. Derek VanderWall managed two runs scored and one RBI with a triple.

Sam Ladronka led the North with one triple, scoring a run and two RBIs, while Nathan Clausing picked up a double to score a run. Parker Buikema managed one hit and scored his opportunity, while Aiden Dault reached base once.


North 19, South 7

The girls junior North All-Stars circled the wagons for an impressive 19 runs Saturday, the most of any team. Kirsten VanOrman led the way with two hits, including a home run, for two RBIs while scoring three runs. Estella Kuiper and Daisy Dyk scored twice, picking up an RBI with one hit each, while Kaylin Solack managed three RBIs with one hit.

Brook St.George and Jonah Hayes led the South, each picking up two RBIs on single hits. Sophia Cadieuz followed with one run scored on one hit, while Ellie Wrona scored twice with one RBI.


West 16, East 6

The boys intermediate West team put on a tremendous performance, outscoring the East by 10 runs. Caleb Wolffis led the way with three runs scored on two hits, along with one RBI. Sawyer VanAbbema chipped in with a well-rounded hitting-line at two hits, two runs and two RBIs. Both Jimmy Cain and Allen Tovey added two hits, scoring three runseach.

Nathan Dodd led the East with three hits, including a double, one run and two RBIs. Trenton Caswell picked up one run scored on two hits, while Justin Rabidoux scored twice on one hit and Tyler Bradtmueller scored one run on one hit with one RBI.


South 13, North 9

The marquee game of the day proved to be a winner as the South eeked out a close with over the North in the boys major game.

Micah Terhaar served as the workhorse with four hits, scoring three runs and two RBIs. Cameron Mesler recorded two hits for one RBI and two runs scored, while Charlie VanAbbema milked one hit for one RBI and two runs scored. Glenn Bonter cooked the base path with four stolen bases, scoring two runs with just one hit.

Nick Albright led the north with two hits, including one triple, scoring two runs with two RBIs. Thomas Tabor also managed a triple as one of his pair of hits, picking up an RBI and two runs scored. Bradley Buitenhuis also knocked a pair of hits, his including a double, to score two RBIs. Finally, Parker Green turned one double into a solo RBI to round out the TCKL All-Star hitting lines.

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