Time to halt project

Mark Brooky • Oct 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM

— The village is losing tax dollars daily from loss of house tax revenue. Thousands of your tax dollars have already been wasted. Township tax dollars have already been used and we pay township taxes, also.

— The village residents do not want the proposed roadway, as evident from two previously rejected requests for a roadway and increased traffic in a residential area. Public safety is a major issue and ignored by the village manager.

— The proposed roadway has caused stress and hostility between village residents and the church. The church acted improperly in trying to deceive the residents.

— The backhanded process used in initiating this roadway project has resulted in mistrust of village government with calls of a new manager. In a similar situation, if an employee of a company worked secretly behind the company’s (village residents) back to initiate a program which was against the company’s wishes, that employee would be terminated immediately. The village manager is an employee of the village and her salary is paid for by the village residents.

— There is also the case of perjury with the village administration.

— There is no benefit to village residents with the exception of the bike path that would benefit a very few and could be located elsewhere. The only conceivable reason for this roadway is an ego trip and entry of accomplishment on a resume for the village manager (at our expense).

I believe this fiasco has gone on long enough and we have wasted too much of our tax dollars already. The plot just gets deeper and more expensive. There is yet the possibility of additional lawsuits

Wallace Obits

Spring Lake


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