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The rule of law

Anonymous • Oct 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM

And yet, we have Presidential candidates lauding the low-level government employee who refuses to issue marriage licenses to people she doesn’t like citing “God’s law.” Really? And one Republican candidate openly says that “the Supreme Court is not the supreme law.” These are the “leaders” you want to run the country?


So what if all 320 million American citizens decide what law they want to obey and which ones they defy based on religion? The Bible says nothing about speed laws so one should be allowed to drive 100 mph through school zones. It says nothing about zoning so someone should be able to open a XXX book store next to a church. Nothing about pets so people shouldn’t have to clean up after their dog.


Citing “religious liberty” is merely jamming your opinions down the throats of those who don’t agree with you. And you’re speaking for God, which is expressly forbidden in the Old Testament. You actually want Sharia Law? Really?


Douglas Chestnut

Spring Lake

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