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Heading downhill at full speed

Anonymous • Oct 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM



The bridge has been fixed many times after attempts to take it out by removing God from many areas of life: murder of voiceless babies, materialism, pride in the new tower of Babel, church's celebration of sin, Dr. Frankenstein working under the disguise of so called "Women's health."


Satan has influenced many powerful people. Many are being deceived. We have no leaders!


The rainbow was a sign that came after judgement on the earth. 


Could it be that God influenced the gay activists to use this symbol as a foreshadowing of his judgement to come?


While we are waiting to see what comes of this it might be a good time to check your spiritual meter.


Will you bow to the one true God and accept the salvation that can only come through Jesus or will you bow to Baal(Satan), the god of this world.


There are plenty of You Tube videos out there about the end times which some scoff at and will cause others to live in fear.


A good book to read, "The Appearing" by Kristen Wisen gives a scenario of a church deciding to live in caves to stay alive during the second half of the 7 year tribulation period and the rapture happening mid-trib, warning though, it goes against the pre-trib rapture belief that many Christians have. We should never get bogged down on when the rapture will happen but that Jesus will return.


The writing is on the wall, time is short, don't be deceived.


Every knee will bow before the one true God whether they want to or not, out of fear or humble reverent joy.


Randy DeYoung

Grand Haven

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