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Removing a dam can be a net win for the planet

• Dec 15, 2015 at 4:18 PM

In a recent blog post, “Removing a dam can be a net win for the planet,” blogger Howard Meyerson says the benefits of removing dams along Michigan’s rivers now outweigh the benefits of keeping them.

“In Michigan, like elsewhere, there is a move afoot to remove dams where ever possible – a move I heartily endorse. Many dams are aging and the cost to fix them is prohibitive. The downstream implications for residents and natural resources is devastating if one or another should go.

But hydro has been valuable over the years. It was a smart technology in its time and it continues make an important contribution to the power grid where it operates safely and effectively. This article in Smithsonian lays out why the long-term trajectory for hydro is downward. With other power sources coming online, or in development, the benefits of removing them are now thought to outweigh the benefits of keeping them,” Meyerson wrote.

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