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Divas enjoy new sandwich shop

• Mar 29, 2016 at 5:00 PM

The Lakeshore Dining Divas took in a local sandwich shop for their most recent review.

“If you’re a resident of the Tri-Cities, you’ve likely driven past the Small Town Sandwich Shop a thousand and one times,” the divas noted in their latest post. “It’s the site where Derk’s, FishX2, Marie’s Diner and (according to Diva Sharon) an A&W Root Beer stand used to be located (909 W. Savidge St. in Spring Lake). It’s right across the street from the Holiday Inn.”

The divas say there’s a good reason that the relatively new eatery’s parking lot always seems to be full. They liked the service, what they had for lunch and the “pay-it-forward kindness on the wall” of the shop (“The Wheel of Good Fortune”).

Despite dining during a busy lunch hour, the divas report that their orders were delivered to their table “amazingly quickly, given that all tables were filled and the restaurant was brimming over with lunchtime diners.”

Read the complete blog post: “Small Town Sandwich Shop in Spring Lake.”

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