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Visitors bureau's website has amazing drone videos

• Apr 12, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Have you ever imagined what Grand Haven looks like from a bird’s-eye point of view?

The Grand Haven Area Convention and Visitors Bureau’s blog has eight videos taken from little flying drones.

“Some may say it is even more stunning than from the ground,” so notes the post. “Get ready to fly through every season here in Grand Haven; we’ve gathered what we think are some of the top drone videos that capture all the beautiful views it has to offer.”

The videos include one from Bill Hartman that captured last year’s icy wonderland full of icebergs during a sunset at the pier. Another is a clip from Tribune freelancer Tristan Urry of Lake Michigan waves and a glorious sunset.

See them all here: “8 amazing drone videos of Grand Haven.”

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