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How much should you tip a restaurant server?

• Jun 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Sunday is Father’s Day, so, if you’re taking dad out for dinner — or, in reality, you’re the dad who is taking the family out — you may want to review the Man Talk blog’s tutorial on how much to tip.

The blogger gets down this fact first: that “restaurant servers get a really small but legal hourly wage,” and they rely on tips to make a living. So, keep that in mind.

Up until the past few years, a 10 percent tip was deemed proper, so says the blogger. But now, well, it’s getting a little out of hand. Twenty percent? Really?


"Let’s discuss how tips are figured,” the blogger writes. “First, a tip is based on the overall restaurant bill, tax included. Second, if you have discount or special coupons for your meal, the proper thing is the tip you leave should be based on what the bill should have been had you not had these discounts. Therefore, a 10 percent tip of a normally $50 restaurant bill would be $5. But if that bill is couponed (no such word) down to let’s say $30, it is still proper and the right thing to pay the $5 in this particular example.”

Read the complete blog post: “The tipping game: How much to tip, if I do?

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