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Measuring the science of attractiveness

• Jul 5, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Blogger Erin Froehlich boils down human attraction into a science in her latest post for the Smart Living Network.

In a post called “Science of Attraction,” Froehlich lists nine ways that we can measure what you would initially think is a subjective human trait.

“While meeting Mr. or Ms. Right may feel like magic, our first impressions actually have a scientific basis,” she writes. “These nine aspects of attraction are some of the most powerful ways to find and attract a date.”

First up on her list is “your voice.”

“Voice is actually an indicator of fertility,” according to Froehlich. “The iconic Marilyn Monroe sings ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President,’ while Fran Drescher draws out her famous cackle.

“But what makes a voice attractive? In both sexes, those who talk fast come across as more educated, and those with varied inflection seem more interesting. It's in the vocal pitch that sexual preferences vary — men prefer high-pitched female voices, while women prefer men with a deep pitch. An attractive or unattractive voice can even change the way we perceive a person's appearance.”

So, according to Froehlich, how we sound can be just as important as how we look. She suggests that you practice your intonation and inflection with a friend of the opposite sex, “who can give you instinctual, honest feedback.”

Read the rest of “The 9 Ways We Measure Attractiveness.”

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