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Divas get young for bar and grill adventure

• Aug 9, 2016 at 5:00 PM

The Lakeshore Dining Divas, accompanied by three guests, chose Phil’s Bar & Grille in Saugatuck for their latest review.

The divas were joined by Kim Advent, founder and president of Avanti Wellness with CMI Abasto in Argentina.

Also dining with them were two granddaughters of diva Sharon — Megan, 16, and Katherine, 14.

“Since they love to shop and had not been to Saugatuck, Sharon thought this would be a memorable adventure,” the divas noted. “Plus, we thought, the girls (who love good food!) were well-poised to provide a teen perspective on menu items for readers.”

The divas said the hostess showed a lack of enthusiasm as she interacted with them.

“Yes, it was busy — but heck! This is Saugatuck and it’s summertime,” the divas wrote.

Find out how the mood and food went up from there by reading the complete blog post: “Phil's Bar & Grille in Saugatuck with Guest Diva Kim Advent.”

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