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Life aboard a Coast Guard icebreaker

• Aug 23, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Want to know what it’s like to be aboard a Coast Guard cutter performing ice-breaking duty during the long winter months in the beyond-chilly Arctic region?

Check out a recent post on the U.S. Coast Guard’s official blog, “Coast Guard Compass.”

The cutter Healy is the Coast Guard’s largest cutter, at 420 feet long and 82 feet wide. The post’s introduction reads: “Onboard, you’ll find an impressive galley, large medical facility, science lounge, ship’s store, a library and crews’ lounges, which all prove handy for a group who will be underway continuously for 65 days.” 

The post was written by Petty Officer 1st Class Kenny Cook.

"Life aboard Coast Guard cutter Healy is unique and different from any other job I have had during my Coast Guard career,” he wrote. “The Healy’s mission is mainly science based, although we do maintain a readiness posture in the event we are needed for an emergency or search-and-rescue operations.”

Cook is one of the safety supervisors for deck evolutions aboard the Healy. He oversees the safety of personnel and the deployment of any type of science gear or apparatus.

“Everything we do on deck is inherently dangerous,” he notes.

Read the complete blog post: “Life aboard a Coast Guard icebreaker.”

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