Have you read 'The Woman in the Photo'?

Tribune Staff • Oct 18, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Tribune community columnist Kelly O’Toole reviews books on her personal blog, “The 3 a.m. Book Club,” and the latest is a review of Mary Hogan’s “The Woman in the Photo.”

O’Toole found the book “an engrossing read.”

“In her second novel, Mary Hogan creates two different storylines in two different time periods, which intercept quite satisfyingly in the end,” O’Toole says. “It is part historical fiction, part contemporary fiction. I loved learning about the clothing and lifestyle of young wealthy women of the late 19th century.

“Moreover, I was fascinated by the Johnstown Flood, a horrific man-made disaster that I have never heard about before. An entire town was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Entire families were drowned.

“Thanks to this book, I also learned what an extraordinary and intriguing woman Clara Barton was. I knew that she founded the Red Cross, but the brief account of her in the pages of ‘The Woman in the Photo’ makes it clear she did so much more than that. How I wish history had been this exciting in school!”

Read the complete blog post: “The Woman in the Photo.”

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