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Are internet hacks a prelude to war?

• Nov 29, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Could the all-consuming power of the internet, and its vulnerability, lead us into World War III? A post on the mantalkblog.com site lays out the possibility.

“If the internet were to be hit super hard, our country will pretty much shut down from one end to the other,” the blogger opines. “And when we say shut down we mean it — no power or water, fuel for your car or heating, no credit card and your banked money gone who knows where? And these are just the tiny tip of this vulnerable complicated internet iceberg.”

The post also gives some tips on preparing for this catastrophe.

And it concludes with a disclaimer, that perhaps should have been up on top: “This is not a prediction, just a hypothetical about when would be the best time to attack and our guess about who might do it and what you might consider doing (regardless) to prepare.”

Care to read the complete post? Here it is: “Are Internet Hacks A Prelude to War?

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