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How to be a successful stay-at-home mom or dad

• Dec 6, 2016 at 5:00 PM

According to Marissa, “The Practical Mommy,” the number of stay-at-home parents is on the rise. 


“People would rather be a successful stay-at-home mom or dad than to work and be away from their kids,” she says.

Of course, there are many out there ready to discredit someone’s choice to not work outside of the home, or have “a real job.”

“These people have never been so wrong,” Marissa says. “Just do a search of ‘stay-at-home parenting’ and you’ll see how many people out there have been fighting about this issue of stay-at-home parents being ‘lazy’. In fact, the opposite is true for 99.9 percent of SAHPs. As many SAHPs will tell you, it’s sometimes more work being home with the kids than it is going to work.”

So, if you make that choice, Marissa offers some help on how to be a success.

One tip is to find a routine and make a schedule. And stick to it.

“Once I saw my list, the tasks seemed daunting,” she wrote. “How was I supposed to manage all of that work plus manage the kids?”

Read the complete blog: “Be a Stay at Home Mom or Dad.”

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