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Environmental hope for the future

• Jan 3, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Bennett Slavsky noted in a recent post on the West Michigan Environmental Action Council’s blog that he learned a lot about the local environment from a group of fifth-graders, and he came away with hope for the future.

In his post, “The Evolution of Environmental Education in Michigan,” Slavsky says he was observing the class of 10-year-olds participating in WMEAC’s Teach for the Watershed program.

“When a young girl, a fifth-grade student at West Ottawa, confessed the nickname for the over-polluted Lake Macatawa was, nobody snickered,” Slavsky wrote. “She spoke shyly, ‘Lake Maca-toilet.’ I had never heard the nickname ... before that morning. The fifth-graders knowing that nickname and more importantly knowing that it is not something to giggle at gave me a sense of hope.”

Slavsky said he remembers being restless and uninterested at that age — but not these kids, he noted.

“They listened with interest to the entirety of the lesson on watersheds, raised their hands to answer and ask questions, and seemed to gain an understanding of the complicated concepts of pollution in their hometown watershed,” he wrote. “The experience gave me hope that the future of our environment would be in caring and conscientious hands.”

Read more at WMEAC.org: “The Evolution of Environmental Education in Michigan.”

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