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Blogger's year in music review

• Jan 24, 2017 at 5:45 PM

Grand Haven blogger Brett Billedeau found himself buying more vinyl records than CDs in 2016.

In his end-of-year “My Year in Music” post, Billedeau said LPs have always been a part of his musical enjoyment, but he lacked a turntable to play them on until five years ago, when he found an old Panasonic unit at a yard sale.

“Since then, popularity in vinyl has skyrocketed, making much of what I was after more readily accessible (even if it's more costly),” he noted. “New albums by artists I love are being specially mastered for vinyl, meaning the depth of enjoyment is even greater for some excellent music.”

During the past year, Billedeau said he discovered Leon Russell’s music, Jack White, the White Stripes and the glory of Third Man Records.

“The owner of my local record shop, The Corner Record Store in Grand Haven, was spinning The White Stripes' ‘The Complete Peel Sessions: BBC’ when ‘Death Letter Blues’ came on — I was floored!” he wrote. “I bought the double-LP set on the strength of that performance alone and have since bought several more LPs, as well as visiting the Detroit storefront for Third Man this summer, finding excellent vinyl by Seasick Steve, Tom Jones, Dwight Yoakam, Conan O'Brien and Jerry Lee Lewis.”

Read the complete blog post: “My Year in Music: 2016,” which includes his top five albums of the year.

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