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Do home meal deliveries make dollars and sense?

• Feb 28, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Have you tried one or more of those home meal delivery services? That’s where a complete meal kit arrives at your door, packed in an ice-lined box with detailed instructions.

Are they a good deal? And should the cost be the only factor?

Josh Elledge, the chief executive angel at Savingsangel.com, figures there are now about 150 companies out there doing home meal deliveries.

“As a consumer expert and general all-around frugal guy, I wanted to find out for myself how home meal delivery compares to doing it yourself,” he wrote. “Home meal delivery is big business. It's a $1.5 billion industry and is expected to double in the next few years.”

For his study, Elledge said he chose Home Chef over Blue Apron and Hello Fresh because of the generally lower cost, and that Home Chef’s food “isn't as ‘out there' — so I was pretty sure all my kids will like it.”

Here’s what he did: “I bought the biggest box from Home Chef in the Orlando area, which is three meals of four servings. With a $30 coupon (SAVING30 is the coupon code), I paid $90 for this box. Then I went to two stores, Publix and Walmart, to find the same ingredients that I received in the box.”

Elledge said he found pros and cons — cost being the biggest drawback. But he said the meals offer convenience, healthier food and fun.

Read the complete blog post: “Does it make financial sense to do home meal delivery?”

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