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No curses for Courses

• Mar 21, 2017 at 5:00 PM

The Lakeshore Dining Divas chose a non-traditional restaurant for their latest blog review.

“Some of our dining adventures are more fun than others,” the divas wrote, “and that's exactly how we describe our two-hour luncheon at Courses in Muskegon.”

Courses is part of the Culinary Institute at 336 W. Clay Ave. It is one part restaurant and one part classroom.

“The impeccable service starts the minute you walk in the door,” the divas wrote. “A student-in-training immediately asks to take your coat while you receive a glass of water from your server. If you don't want to read the three-course menu, just look up at the TV screen on the wall and you'll see photos of all the dishes being offered that day. Another screen offers a view of the kitchen, where you can watch your meal being prepared and plated by chefs in training.”

The divas were joined for lunch by Sarah Zysk.

WZZM-TV’s Chef Char, who happens to be a 2012 graduate of the Culinary Institute, provided the divas with a few tips prior to their lunch at Courses.

"Give consideration to the feature of the day on the menu — it may be a student's creation in back of house, based on the study protein of the week,” she told them. “The feature dessert is likely to be a baking and pastry intern's creation. If they are offering side-table demonstrations, take it. The students may be graded on their bananas foster or Caesar salad demonstration during week six or eight of the semester.

“Please order the coffee service,” she added. “It is French-pressed coffee with all sorts of goodies!"

Read the complete blog post: “Courses at the Culinary Institute in Muskegon”

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