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12 reasons you’re always tired and how to fix it

• Apr 4, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Are you tired a lot? Although feeling tired is common on a day-to-day basis, experts say, consistent and debilitating exhaustion may have an unsurfaced meaning.

The bistroMD blog has potential answers on how to fix chronic tiredness issues.

The first of “12 reasons you’re always tired” is alcohol abuse, according to the medical help website.


"Though alcohol can induce sleep initially, its overall effects may disrupt sleep cycles. Especially if consumed in excess, sleep disturbances can ultimately impede on sufficient energy levels the following day.”

So, how do you fix it? “Stick to the alcohol recommendations — with a limit of two drinks for men and one for women each day,” the blogger advises. “Staying hydrated with water can further keep you hydrated and energized the next day.”

The second reason is allergies:

“Though allergies are known to trigger congestion, runny noses and eyes, and sneezing, the unpleasant immune responses may also lead to fatigue. The associated allergy symptoms make it difficult to breathe with ease, especially when lying down, ultimately making it difficult to sleep.”

How do you fix that issue? “It is essential to verify what you are actually allergic to, whether it be indoor or outdoor dusts, molds, or pollens. Minimizing exposure to identified allergens and utilizing medications and nasal strips and sprays can lessen the symptoms, further encouraging a better night's rest.”

Read all 12 reasons you’re always tired and how to fix it.

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