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10 weird, unofficial national days, and why some may be OK

• Apr 18, 2017 at 5:00 PM

National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day? Really, do we need that?

“If you’re annoyed with all of the random national days (marketing opportunities) that exist just to get you to spend more money, you’re not the only one,” blogger Robert Anthony begins in his post for elitedaily.com. “Scrolling through your social media feed is a lot like flipping through a magazine these days, except the ads are presented in hashtag form and promote unofficial holidays created to support disguised ad campaigns.”

Anthony points out a tweet he received from Ice Breakers (the mint) that promotes #NationalUnicornDay. Try to find one to celebrate.

He then lists some of the strange, and often made-up “holidays” that are out there. Such as National Walk Around Things Day (It was April 4, so you missed it. Darn!) and National Lumpy Rug Day (coming up May 4!).

But they may not all be stupid, Anthony notes.

“At the same time, some (of) these ridiculous national days can be fun to celebrate with friends and family,” he wrote. “Not to mention, kids usually get a kick out of days like National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. And then, there are the days like National Siblings Day and National Pizza Day, which are both totally deserving of your acknowledgement. In other words, not all of these obscure days are unnecessary.”

Read the complete post: “The 10 Weird, Unofficial National Days No One Wants To Celebrate Ever.”

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