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Congressman slams president's 'hollow words' on opioid issue

• Aug 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, in a post this week for thehill.com blog, slams President Trump for his “hollow words” in the face of the opioid epidemic.

Ryan represents Ohio's 13th Congressional District and is the co-chairman of the Addiction Treatment and Recovery Caucus.

“Last week, President Trump attended a briefing on the ongoing opioid epidemic that is ravaging communities across the country,” Ryan wrote. “Instead of announcing new policy initiatives, President Trump advocated for many of the failed policies we have seen in the past that will do nothing to help the millions of Americans and their families who are currently suffering from substance abuse.”

The day after Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price said that declaring the opioid epidemic a national emergency was unnecessary, Trump announced that he is now open to this action, Ryan noted.

“We should all be alarmed at this dangerously uncoordinated approach and this administration’s lackadaisical response to the death of thousands of Americans,” Ryan wrote. “The opioid epidemic has been a national crisis in this country long before today. In every state, city and town in the United States families and lives have been pulled apart by the devastating effects of addiction, and they need our help. In April of this year, I personally called on President Trump to declare this crisis a national public health emergency.”

Ryan says Americans, especially the families of loved ones dealing with drug addiction, need to know that Washington is listening and doing everything in its power to stop the epidemic.

“They deserve more than President Trump’s hollow words. They deserve results,” Ryan says.

Read the complete blog post: “Those touched by the opioid epidemic deserve results, not the president's hollow words.”

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